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Workflows That Every Small Business Should Automate To Save Time

Workflow automation included in Sales CRM for small business refers to using technology to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks and processes. Automating repetitive tasks can reduce errors and improve the speed and accuracy of processes, leading to increased productivity. Businesses can deliver tailored content to customers to enhance the overall customer experience. 


Here are some workflows every small business should automate to save time. 


1. HR 

Human resources can use workflow automation tools for making the hiring process streamlined. They can send out regular updates to the selected candidates. The hiring process will consist of the use of automated email and communication tools, which can help HR schedule and conduct interviews, send job detail emails to candidates, and keep track of feedback and responses.

Some HR departments also use an applicant tracking system or ATS system which includes features such as resume parsing, which can extract relevant information from resumes and populate it into standardised fields, making it easier to search and sort through candidates.


Workflow automation for small business


2. Onboarding Customers 

Automating customer onboarding is done using CRM. CRM systems include features like automation rules and triggers, which can help you deliver personalised and timely communication to new customers.

This can include things like educational emails, tutorial videos, or webinars, which can help new customers get up to speed quickly and effectively. Customers can be given a product tour, provided support resources, and their customer queries can be tackled efficiently.


3. Lead Generation

Lead generation can be automated by using marketing automation software b2b tools, which can help identify leads, segment them based on specific criteria, and deliver personalised communication to nurture them through the sales funnel. For example, you can use marketing automation to send targeted emails or social media messages to leads based on their behaviours and interests.

Another way to automate lead generation is using CRM software, which can help you keep track of your leads and communicate with customers. CRM systems often include features like lead tracking, lead scoring, and automation rules, which can help you prioritise and follow up with leads more efficiently and effectively. 


4. Product Quotes

By automating the product quoting process, businesses can create and customise quotes based on specific customer requirements and preferences. These customised quotes include features like pricing rules, which can help you automate the process of calculating and applying discounts and markups based on various factors such as volume, duration, or location.


5. Automating CRM Software 

CRM software is the key to improving customer relationships and staying ahead in the competitive market. Configure the software to send automated emails to new customers and leads based on the actions they take. Cooming with task management and calendar integration, businesses can keep track of appointments.

Optimiser software sends team members notifications about approaching deadlines, meetings and tasks accomplished. The automated reports feature in CRM provides real-time analytics to make informed decisions. 


CRM software for small business

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6. Automating Sales Pipeline 

Track and manage interactions with leads and customers throughout the sales process by automating the sales pipeline. Affordable CRM for small business like Optimiser includes features like lead tracking, lead scoring, and automation rules, which can help you prioritise and follow up with leads in a more efficient and effective manner. By implementing workflow automation, businesses can improve their sales pipeline and drive more conversions.


7. Customer Service 

Automate customer service by using chatbots or other artificial intelligence tools, which can help you provide automated responses to common customer inquiries and escalate more complex issues to human customer service representatives as needed.


8. Marketing 

Automation tools can help businesses schedule and post content on social media platforms, as well as interact with followers and customers in real-time. Marketing teams can get access to insightful data on marketing campaigns and customer interactions, which can help businesses make more informed decisions about their marketing efforts.


Using Optimiser CRM For Automating Workflow

Small businesses can rely on Optimiser CRM's AI-enabled automation to improve task efficiency and skyrocket productivity within the organisation. With a suite of comprehensive tools, businesses can automate sales, marketing, lead management, contact and account management as well as receive insightful analytics about the business operations. Save time and provide your team with real-time data to make intelligent decisions to grow sales. 



Workflow automation can help businesses save time and resources by automating routine tasks and allowing teams to focus on more strategic and high-value activities. By implementing workflow automation, businesses can improve their business operations and drive their revenue. 


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