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Project Management

project management software

with CRM

Track all project data from one clean and comprehensive pipeline

Integrate tasks, emails and CRM data for context-based project management

AI Analytics create clear and precise progress reports to update key stakeholders

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Project management systems under a single suite

  • Manage multiple projects successfully with Optimiser’s powerful
    project management software and tools
  • Create a streamlined workflow to better manage your teams and allocate budget resources
  • Monitor output by generating clear performance reports that map progress and help you stay on target
  • The

    best project management software system

    for any business: Optimiser’s
    project management solution
    is CRM integrated, scalable and flexible

Develop a streamlined work process to unify your teams

  • Arrange all your teams’ activities from one place to streamline the workflow
  • Use pipeline to manage your teams’ output and allow them to work collaboratively on tasks
  • Group calendar enhances coordination, allows you to track availability and communicate on progress with key stakeholders
  • Assign tasks, priorities and deadlines to gain instant updates, time saving and higher project turnover

Execute multiple projects simultaneously

  • Benefits of project management software allow you to run every aspect of your business in unison
  • Share data easily between departments or with stakeholders on a single platform without the need for attachments and third party hosts
  • Comprehensive project task management software packs all modules needed for thorough supervision into a single subscription
  • Task and project management tools

    allow you to track and control multiple conflicting priorities

Make insightful decisions with smart analytics

  • CRM analytics provide insights into account and project activity across the full scope of your business
  • Project tracking tools

    create easy-to-read and customisable graphs
  • Allocate resources and make smarter business decisions based on customer and employee trends
  • A project management software system that increases business intelligence: integrated with smart CRM features


Is project management software effective?

Project management software allows businesses to handle more projects at once. From juggling multiple pressing tasks, to stakeholder satisfaction and budget: you can do it all from a single platform.

What is a project management software tool?

Optimiser’s CRM-integrated project management software tool is a suite of software that helps project managers handle high-volume tasks, conflicting priorities, and complex timelines with ease.

Why is project management software important?

Businesses of all sizes should be using project management software to improve the way they manage projects. At a unified subscription, businesses can utilise CRM, task and calendar management tools to reduce outgoing project costs while increasing successes.

Why use project management software?

Evolve beyond the use of multiple third party resources to manage your projects. Save time and financial resources by handling all your projects from a single source of truth platform that provides live updates and data analytics.

How to choose project management software


project management software CRM

is the best project management software to keep the stakeholder at the core of your project considerations. Your software should be scalable and flexible to meet the unique demands of your business.

Who uses project management software?

Any business that runs on a project by project basis, with non-formulaic and deadline-oriented product or service provision. Any department involved in a stage of the project cycle will benefit from the efficient and streamlined workflow it promotes.

What is project management software used for?

Managers can use software project management tools to manage team members, allocate and track tasks, meet deadlines and budget requirements, and keep key stakeholders satisfied. Project management software optimises every function of the project cycle.

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