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Boost sales and increase productivity with Optimiser’s Lead Management Software

  • From marketing to sales, take a holistic approach to lead management to boost sales
  • Prioritise the strongest leads with analytics
  • Create a single streamlined process for high-volume lead management
  • Automate parts of the sales funnel to save time on lead nurturing
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Lead Management

Fully integrated lead tracking software for increased conversions

  • Turn strong leads into devoted customers
  • Optimiser’s holistic CRM lead management software contains all the tools you need to successfully manage multiple prospects at once
  • The best CRM lead management software to organise the workflow of your large team and handle a high-volume pipeline
  • Productivity-enhancing automations increase work speeds, maximise time resources, and help effectively allocate resources
Lead Management
Lead Management

Optimise your lead management system with a single solution

  • Create, organise and manage consumer segmentation based on the status of the lead’s sales funnel
  • Sales and lead management CRM software includes a powerful Pipeline tool with integrated accounts and contacts to help build strong customer relationships
  • Track the customer journey and distribute resources accordingly using sales leads tracking software
  • The top lead management software to identify customer churn and patch leaks
  • Manage and view the entire team’s sales activity at a glance, within the platform

Lead nurturing with customised marketing campaigns

  • Lead management software for small businesses allows you to prioritise leads with higher intent and shorten your sales cycle
  • B2C and B2B lead management software targets every lead’s unique buying intent
  • Use email design templates and automated nurturing to improve brand communications with ongoing leads
  • Create different campaigns and target multiple customer segments at once with your sales lead management tool
  • Integrated pipeline and website analytics help you discover the roots of your main funnels
Lead Management
Lead Management

Make sound decisions with integrated analytics

  • Get visual feedback on your recent data to gauge the user experience from acquisition to closure
  • Discover and track key business metrics to understand how each lead in the pipeline is engaged with your business
  • Use your lead management software solution and integrated analytics systems to unify your sales and marketing teams under a single, centralised source of truth
  • Custom reports and lead tracking solutions allow you to review business performance over time

Frequently Asked

Helping businesses optimise their customer cycle: the best CRM lead management software provides customer relationship tools to ensure you are creating strong relationships with valuable sales leads, from acquisition to nurturing.
Using integrated lead management CRM software tools, sales reps can guide leads through an optimised, customer-centric sales funnel. Powerful pipeline with analytics and automations guide an improved prospect cycle that helps you achieve more using less.
With automations and predictive lead forecasting, allow sales teams to dedicate time to your most promising leads, and save time on daily repetitive nurturing tasks. Assign tasks to every lead and allow your reps to collaborate on managing a stronger, more effective pipeline.
Track and understand prospects from acquisition to retention with thorough data optimisation, leading to strong and accurate lead management. Sales leads management software helps you understand your main funnels, audience demographics and their journey through the sales funnel.

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