Best CRM Software for Small Sales Team and Lead Management

Powerful CRM for sales leads growth

  • Monitor and improve every stage of your internal and external sales processes with a personalised suite of sales and CRM tools from Optimiser
  • Organise your department and multiple sales personnel across any number of projects with efficient accounts and contact management
  • Take control of your sales funnel with CRM for B2B and B2C sales, and optimise the way you handle leads to see accelerated client growth
  • Nurture your current client relationships with excellent CRM for sales agents, and see an increase in customer satisfaction

Leads tools turn user journeys into conversions

  • Optimiser’s sales software for your sales team helps them to convert even more leads by personalising communications based on audience analytics
  • Integrated sales with Optimiser’s Marketing Suite to enhance the customer cycle from start to finish, to nurture and capture your strongest leads
  • Best CRM to help small sales teams understand the user journey based on customised analytic segmentation within one platform
  • Integrate your managerial sales tools to manage every rep from a single place and optimise the sales workflow

CRM suite to solve sales issues

  • Optimiser’s CRM for sales management stores three-dimensional Contact and Account profiles that help you keep your audience engaged, informed and satisfied
  • Retain more customers by identifying customer churn, and creating patches for leaks in the user funnel
  • Automations and reminders ensure that your client relationships are effectively nurtured
  • Limitless database helps manage a large number of clients at once and be assured that your sales reps are always equipped to provide excellent customer service
One powerful platform
Simple to use

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