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Manage complete sales cycle from lead to repeat sales and automate sales processes Bring out the best of your sales team with AI automation, comprehensive analytics and customised solutions with Optimiser Sales Suite. In order to scale business, companies require an effective sales structure.

From prospecting to closing the deal, you must clearly define how you approach prospects. If your business lacks a streamlined sales process, it becomes challenging to close deals and retain customers. With the Optimiser Sales Suite, businesses can improve every stage of internal and external sales processes, convert more leads and enhance the customer cycle from start to finish. Take advantage of Optimiser’s intelligent system to predict customer behaviour, deliver personalised experiences and develop excellent relationships with customers.

Challenges businesses face without CRM

Although CRM does not bring immediate results for the sales team, it is still a game-changing application if implemented correctly. The most prominent challenge the sales team faces is how to qualify, follow up on leads, and prioritise sales activities. Reportedly, 75 percent of sales managers believe that CRM drives and increases sales. Here are some of the challenges which organisations face without CRM:

Lack of follow up

Difficulty in individual goal tracking

Difficult to find and retain customers

Scattered data

Side-lined customer service

Poor team collaboration

Leverage the power of Optimiser Sales Suite to boost sales and drive leads into your pipeline

How does Optimiser help sales representatives and boost company sales?

Sales Lead Growth


With Optimiser, businesses can monitor and improve every stage of internal and external sales processes with personalised tools.


Optimiser allows businesses to take control of the sales funnel and nurture relationships with customers for increased satisfaction.

Turn User Journey into Conversion


Convert more leads by personalising communication based on analytics using Marketing Suite and enhance the customer cycle from start to finish.


Use Optimiser Sales Suite to understand customer journey based on customised analytic segmentation within one platform.

Manage Customer Relationships


Optimiser stores three-dimensional Contact and Account profiles and identifies customer churn to create patches for leaks in the user funnel.


Use Workflow Automation to ensure your relationship with customers is nurtured effectively. Keeping extensive data in one place equips the sales team to provide excellent customer service.

Manage Leads and Pipelines on the go


Automatically capture leads from multiple sources and segment them based on demographics, buying behaviour, tastes and preferences.


Use Optimiser’s Pipeline management tool to maximise sales potential and segment the entire lead database into different categories.

Sales and Marketing Collaboration


With Optimiser, both sales and marketing departments remain updated by having real-time access to data and critical customer information.


It allows marketing teams to pass leads to the sales team without manual efforts. Sales team can then convert those leads into paying customers.

Sales Forecasting


Monitor data sets related to generated leads, case times, up-sell rates and revenue in the form of graphs and charts on Optimiser Dashboard.


Using data presented on Optimiser Dashboard, sales leaders can make effective sales strategies and forecast for future.

Why is Optimiser the best CRM for Sales?

Optimiser allows the sales team to store their contacts, sales opportunities, activities and scheduled plans in one place and have uninterrupted access to data from multiple locations. It allows businesses to prioritise tasks to ensure customers are not ignored, and key prospects are contacted at the right time. Create weekly or monthly sales reports with a few clicks and inform others about the status of leads. It comes with a calendar, document, pipeline management, contacts, accounts, email marketing and integration to third-party software to unite different departments and keep everyone up-to-date. Using Optimiser, businesses can streamline their complete sales cycle, thus reducing costs and increasing sales revenue.

With the power of Optimiser Sales Solution , businesses can better search, sort and qualify leads. It gives systematic sales follow-up opportunities and prioritises follow-up activities.

Discover the features Optimiser offers to boost sales and keep you ahead of the competitors.

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