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Track team progress with Optimiser’s in-built Calendar management tool

  • On the go planning made simple: schedule meetings quickly and immediately
  • Synchronise team calendars and create a streamlined workflow
  • Save time and boost productivity with calendar integration
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Time-efficient planning

  • Save time and ensure your teams are collaborating efficiently, whether working from the office, remote, or overseas: view and synchronise your colleagues’ schedules for easy and efficient calendar management
  • Increase productivity using smart scheduling with Optimiser’s calendar management tools: meeting overlap alerts, reminders, time zone automation, and priority tagging
  • Perfect for sales and marketing teams to easily schedule calls and feel confident in managing high priority clients, with attached Pipelines and Accounts creating extensive customer records

Remote collaborative working

  • Share detailed meeting and call details directly with all invitees including priority, attendee list, agenda and additional notes
  • Block out your calendar for the most important meetings, your holidays, and sick days to help unite varying schedules into a streamlined workflow
  • Personalise who can view your upcoming availability, meetings and calls
  • Easily switch ownership of accounts and calls to hand over or onboard team members onto projects with no fuss

Simplified diary scheduling

  • Every morning, view your day summary dashboard to tell you about your upcoming meetings at a glance
  • Save yourself time on recurring events. Optimiser makes it simple to duplicate calendar appointments and plan follow-up calls after a meeting
  • View your calendar by day, week, or month, and filter by calls and meetings to get the information you need about your schedule quickly
  • Use quick drag and drop calendar slots and Optimiser will automatically update other attendees, with two-way integration keeping every calendar up to date

Frequently Asked

Calendar management tools are features of the digital calendar that allow users to simplify diary maintenance and day scheduling. A combination of intuitive design and automations allow error-free calendar management for executive assistants, and are an essential part of any high-volume calendar.
Calendar management software is the first place to start when you are looking to create a good calendar management system. Find a software suite that allows you to integrate your calendar with other key business tools; CRM and email integrations in particular, to encourage an easy and accurate flow of information.
To manage a calendar effectively, software is used for time management and calendar blocking. Instead of adding appointments and meetings haphazardly to the calendar, intuitive automations add lunch breaks, buffer times and overlap alerts to help create an organised schedule with none of the mental gymnastics.
Keeping a calendar time management regularly helps manage a heavy workload. Use calendar management appointment booking tools to reduce the number of scheduling errors and save time going back and forth with clients.

Optimiser’s CRM platform also comes with a separate calendar event management system for planning and hosting event-specific meetings and appointments.

Calendar and contact management software are integral parts of any CRM software that not only allow you to plan meetings to suit your own schedule, but your clients’ as well. The CRM acts as a calendar management administrative assistant, bringing Contact and Account data to every meeting for contextual customer relationship management.

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