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Rewarding email campaigns

Convert contacts into customers. Design and send multiple unique campaigns simultaneously to meet numerous business needs at once, achieve KPIs concurrently, and maximise the effectiveness of your email marketing. Use smart scheduling for your sends to ensure your mail arrives in their inbox at the best time, and see higher rates on your opens and click-throughs. Save time with smart automation for auto-follow up emails and relevant customer segmentation.

Select from templates or customise your own

Email templates in blank and preset designs are fit for any purpose from campaigns to newsletters, that ensure your communications are hitting the right mark, capturing the attention of your audience and building your customers.

Drag and drop formatting and simple editing features mean Optimiser’s email marketing software is easy and fast to use. Target and personalise your emails with the customer's name, to fit the context of your message, whether you are onboarding a client or following up on a potential lead.

Drill into campaign analytics

Keep an eye on the performance of your email marketing for real-time insights into how customers are interacting with your send. Opens and click-throughs provide pathways for improvement, allowing you to design and reuse irresistible mailer templates. Ensure mail is being sent in accordance with the latest profile information, and cross feed data about your mail list from your contacts module.

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