Best CRM Integrated Event Management Software
Seamless events and opportunity follow-up using event planning software

Separate Event calendar keeps plans clear and efficient

Optimise post-event communication for increased sales

Plan every detail from a single CRM platform

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Quantifiable success
  • Plan and organise events seamlessly from one platform: schedule and market conferences, launches and events using CRM integrated email marketing
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your offline and online multi-channel communications, and use the outcome insights to strategically plan events that are ROI-effective
  • Increase your conversion rate by tracking leads and target attendees post-event: enable your sales team to capture more wins and see an improved rate of KPI achievement

Pre-event engagement with multi-channel communications

  • Manage any number of invites and attendees with ease. Customised contact grouping and tagging ensure that planning the guest list and managing registration run smoothly
  • Engage your contacts list and generate excitement for your event using personalisable templates and automated follow-ups
  • Collaborate and communicate with all necessary parties from your colleagues to attendees to vendors, from your CRM platform, anywhere in the world
Conquer complicated planning
  • Integrate your event planning module with your CRM features to create a centralised store for all your logistical information
  • Optimiser’s event planning software allows you to view all upcoming deadlines, allocate a task list, order priorities, and keep track of your budget from one intuitive module
  • Attach important documents to your event, identify key players such as sponsors and delegates, and create an agenda for your team to collaborate on
  • Automate manual and time-consuming tasks to save time for planning spectacular events, and allocate your resources efficiently using detailed reports on team activity
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