Keep your information private, safe and secure with Optimiser
At Optimiser, we respect and protect your data with responsible data practices and privacy tools that put you in control.

ISO 27001 Certification is the only standard that deals with the overall management of information security

Cyber Essentials Certification to reassure you that we keep your IT secure against cyber attacks

Cyber Essentials Plus gives the highest level of assurance for protecting data against cyber attacks

Why is data and information security important?

Data and information are the most valuable assets of any organisation. Protecting them from external or internal corruption and illegal access can safeguard organisations from financial losses, reputational harm, degradation of customers’ trust and erosion of brand. At Optimiser, we follow all the rules and regulations to maintain and achieve compliance. Keeping your data protected would result in:

  • Safeguarding sensitive information from the hands of competitors
  • Maintaining data integrity
  • Enabling easy access to data wherever and whenever it is required for business operations
Optimiser Security Layers

Protection from Data Loss and Corruption

All databases at Optimiser are kept separate to ensure there is no corruption and overlap. Our database is mirrored in multiple database copies for high availability and are frequently backed up.

Application Level Security

Accounts and passwords at Optimiser are hashed. This means our own people cannot access them. In case you lose your account details, they can never be retrieved, and you can only reset them. All our pages, including our website and mobile website, pass data through TLS, and the entire Optimiser application is encrypted. Besides, login pages and logins through Optimiser API are encrypted with TLS.
Optimiser regularly performs security tests, including high-level server penetration tests, in-depth tests to find vulnerabilities within the platform and social engineering skills.

Internal IT Security

Office networks of Optimiser are heavily segmented and centrally monitored. We have a dedicated team to monitor our environments for vulnerabilities and ensure that penetration tests and social engineering exercises are regularly performed on the environment and employees.

Internal Protocol and Education

We ensure that our employees are regularly trained in best security practices to identify phishing scams, hackers and social engineering. Individuals in our teams with access to customer data, including technical support and engineers, undergo criminal history and background checks before employment contracts. We ensure that all of our employees sign Privacy Safeguard Agreement as a part of their job to protect customer data.

Protecting Data with the Most Advanced Security

Optimiser is an ISO 27001 ISMS certified organisation, ensuring that our offices, development centres and data centres follow all the security protocols. All Optimiser products are continuously covered through advanced security infrastructures, which prevent online threats so that you can be confident that your data is safe.

Download ISO 27001 ISMS Certificate

Complete Data Protection with Continuously Updated Security

Optimiser is a Cyber Essential and Cyber Essential Plus certified organisation that follows all the procedures to protect data and information from cyber threats and demonstrates our commitment to your data safety.

Download Cyber Essential Certificate

Download Cyber Essential Plus Certificate

Secure Sign in for your accounts

Signing in to accounts hosts today’s most prominent security risks, and millions of passwords are exposed to data breaches every day, putting your data and information at risk. With our secure in-built authentication tools, you can quickly and securely sign in to your accounts.

Subject Access Request

Optimiser allows its employees to efficiently handle subject access requests by providing consolidated data at the click of a button. Subject Access Request (SAR) is an important element of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) as it allows individuals to request and receive a copy of all the data a company has collected about them. Optimiser enables its clients to ask how much of your personal information we have stored. Clients can anytime ask for copies of their personal information, verbally or in writing.

Optimiser is more than a Business Intelligence Tool – it is backed with data security and compliance expertise.

All in one platform that never lets you miss anything

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Identity and Control Access

Customer Controls for Security

Infrastructure and Operational Security

Physical Security and Incident Management

Privacy Controls and Security Tips

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