Optimiser: Features

Every stage of business cycle made easier with Optimiser Features.

CRM Dashboard

Get a holistic view of your entire business at a glance with easy to understand graphs and charts.

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View and synchronise with your colleagues’ schedules for easy and efficient calendar management.

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Understand your contacts for integrated CRM, segmentation and personalisation.

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Enhance your customer relationships with powerful account management software built into Optimiser.

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A single source of truth where your teams can guide each lead through its entire sales cycle.

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Customise CRM reports for accurate forecasting and future-proof decision making.

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Email Marketing

Customise and manage multiple mailers and drive success using campaign analytics.

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Personalise every element of your tool suite to meet your unique business requirements.

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Organise your people across the entire business scope for cohesive KPI targeting.

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Cloud Storage

Discover the benefits of a centralised cloud data store to unify and streamline your work.

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