Marketing Automation Software Tools for Small Businesses

Connect across every channel and make smarter marketing campaigns

  • Allow your marketing and sales teams to collaborate on the full customer cycle, from prospect generation to lead nurturing and customer retention
  • Integrated CRM and marketing software creates customer-focussed marketing strategies
  • Customised Contact and Account tagging creates precise customer segmentation, tailored marketing content, and increased engagement

Tools for insightful marketing

  • Marketing automation software for small business save time and resources, and take the guesswork out of innovations
  • Understand the user funnels across each platform to better target demographics and allocate resources
  • Dive into campaign analytics using simple reports, and get feedback on your email marketing bounce rate, CTR and conversions
  • Understand the unique purchasing intent of audience segments with marketing software for B2B and B2C consumer markets

Customised to perfectly meet your business needs

  • Evolve beyond multiple third party marketing software platforms, and synchronise your marketing using Optimiser’s seamless marketing software for business
  • Targeted solutions customised specifically to your unique business needs, integrated with a powerful core CRM suite
  • Reduce outgoing marketing software costs and build marketing effectiveness, leading to an increased ROI across your full scope of marketing activities
  • Customisations and scalable subscriptions and make Optimiser the best marketing software for small business
One powerful platform
Simple to use

30 days free trial. No credit card required

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