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St Andrew’s Youth Club

Based out in London, St Andrew’s Youth Club is the oldest youth club in the world. Established in 1866, the club provides fun, educational, and other enabling activities to more than seven hundred dependent members in South Westminster.

Optimiser platform is helping St Andrew’s Club to connect with its members, supporters and suppliers. Our platform enables this brilliant organisation to continue increasing its reach, building on the impact of its fundraising appeals, and continuously provides an opportunity to young people to thrive and get back to society.

The Thorney Island Society

The Thorney Island Society was founded in 1985 to protect the first public library in London from demolition. Ever since its inception, society has been keeping an eye over new developments in the area, such as the World Heritage Site surrounding Westminster Abbey and the Houses of the Parliament.

To support the cause of this society, Optimiser has provided them with a fully customised platform. With this, the company is helping them connect more than 350 members of the Thorney Island Society. In addition, it enables them to move their business further, coordinating social events and organising activities. Besides, the Parent company of Optimiser, Glotelligence, assists society with web development and digital marketing initiatives.

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