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Achieve more with powerful account management software

Manage all your customers and sales details from a single place

Comprehensive account tracking and handling

Personalise communications with context-based account notes

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Success optimisation

  • Enhance your customer relationships with powerful account management software built into Optimiser’s CRM
  • A comprehensive view of Account activity from creation to retention is available at a glance: including the account owner, communication history, meetings, calls and more
  • Attach pending, ongoing and resolved tasks and pipelines to your Accounts to ensure the team can focus on scoring those all-important KPIs

Unique account filing

  • View your account data in a comprehensive table grid display that captures relevant data from elsewhere in the CRM: pipeline, contacts and tasks
  • Excellent for both small businesses and large enterprises; the search feature allows instant account analysis and simple procedures for follow-up
  • No matter how dynamic your business, collaborate the work of your team using a single source of information

Personalise your CRM

  • Tag account importance to see who is bringing your company the most successes, track which communications have been working best, and the sales reps in charge of the account
  • Create profile notes about key account information and link important documents and files such as brand guidelines for easy reference and error-free communications
  • Personalise accounts by linking them to relevant contacts: the key account holder, internal employees and external contract staff
One powerful platform
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