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Technology has become crucial for clubs to run smoothly and manage memberships efficiently. With Optimiser CRM solution for clubs, operators can keep track of members and offer them real-time accessibility across all touchpoints to ensure superior experience, minimised inaccuracies and optimised operations. Optimiser features practical CRM and automation features, centralised contacts and communications, integrated emails and marketing automation.

Optimiser brings the power of the 'One' CRM platform that takes your club to a new level. Rely on CRM, which is secure, intuitive and easy to use.

What are the challenges of membership clubs?

Time is an important resource that is mostly short in supply, especially when it comes to the perspective of clubs. In order to offer extraordinary services, it is important for clubs to understand how individual members interact with staff and how you can keep members engaged and make things easier for them. Clubs require a technology solution to deliver strategies to manage sales, prospecting and existing relationships with members.

Maintaining networking momentum

Growing memberships

Engaging members to avoid churn

Managing huge data of prospects and members

Difficulty in unifying operations

Need for optimisation toolkit

Use Optimiser solution for membership clubs to keep members, guests and opportunities in one place

How Optimiser helps membership clubs?

Growing membership


With the Optimiser marketing suite, clubs can effectively communicate with members and prospects, resulting in community growth


Bridge the gap between sales and marketing efforts by collating member cycle data and offering a leak-free user journey to capture more memberships

One platform to drive a faster and more productive membership cycle


Manage multiple members, use contact history to create a personalised experience and track members' journey across the full business scope


Allocate resources to areas that require more actions and use predictive lead scoring to save time and financial resources

CRM platform to understand members


Use detailed tagging and customised filtering options of contact management software. Associate accounts, tasks and important documents to store them in one place


Connect contacts with account and pipeline to enable context-specific pitches, which can be linked to third-party sites to ensure all information is available in hand

Conquer complicated event planning


Use Event Management Software to view all deadlines, allocate task lists and priorities and keep track of the budget through one module. Automate manual and time-consuming tasks


Manage several invites, and customise contact grouping to plan and manage guests smoothly. Engage with members to generate excitement through personalised templates and automated follow-ups

Club Membership Software to keep members happy


Sort and maintain information about subscription, accounting, preferences and communication history to grow the interest of members and prospects in your club faster


Use Optimiser Analytics to understand insights about members' journeys from start to finish. Segment members basis their requirements and communicate to members through email customisation and smart-scheduling

Create and Manage Communities


Using Optimiser platform, membership clubs can create communities of like-minded individuals, define their role and use that data to manage and track meetings


Committee module allows users to administer community data, check their status, upload documents and view logs. It can be cutomised to suit their individual needs

Why is Optimiser the best CRM solution for membership clubs?

With Optimiser, Club owners can manage three important things: control, efficiency and visibility. It allows clubs to personalise the dashboard, view everything they want to see at a glance and track the efforts of their teams. Clubs can further track memberships and event enquiries, easy web form integration with the website, store all members' information in one place, access the database from anywhere and define attributes.

Optimiser brings the power of One CRM solution for clubs enabling them to attain better results with smart automation. Nurture prospects with personalised communication to convert them into happy customers.

One powerful platform
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