Best CRM Software for Charity Organizations and Non-Profits

Charity CRM to enhance fundraising and awareness

  • We work closely with you to discover areas of your organisation and management processes that can be optimised to increase growth
  • Seamless and thoughtfully integrated tools help you to manage relationships with your members, partners, volunteers and sponsors
  • Our solutions help you optimise your revenue-generating strategies by collecting and managing leads with the best CRM for small charities
Fundraising and Awareness
Charity Events

Create and manage your charity events from one platform

  • Event Management suite is the best CRM manager for charity events
  • From inviting members and sponsors to measuring pipeline effectiveness, everything can be done on Optimiser’s single robust platform
  • Manage accounts, contact details, registration, sponsors and members, agenda, activity, attach documents, assign tasks and make notes to ensure every detail is catered to
  • Generate custom reports on your events, marketing, membership and publication metrics for a transparent view of your charity as it stands

Nurture your most important relationships

  • Enhance CRM in the charity sector with processes designed specifically for each segment from your accounts and contacts databases
  • Manage your volunteers, sponsors and donors, and personalise communications for targeted and effective relationship management
  • Email marketing tool allows you to automate your communications process with simple customisable templates and scheduled sends
  • Create branded invoice templates, automate a scheduled send for repeat billing, and receive notifications on the status of your subscriptions
Existing Resources

Make more of your existing resources

  • Optimiser’s CRM for NGOs is available at a multi-level subscription, giving you access to the most useful features under a unified and affordable solution that meets your unique requirements
  • Automations in marketing, lead management and sales speed up the customer cycle and make it easier to close deals
  • Achieve more with less by providing your teams with powerful integrated tools to manage multiple ongoing priorities effectively
  • Automatic analytics help guide future decisions by giving quick and accurate forecasts of your activities

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