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Dashboard - Overview

  • Helps in making quicker, more informed decisions based on robust and reliable visual data.
  • Offers increased insights using the historical, predictive and at the moment data
  • Track effectiveness of marketing campaigns and use the information to design future campaigns
  • Set benchmarks while monitoring business performance in different areas with pinpoint accuracy
  • Improve performance of customer service teams through analytics
  • Visualisation through graphs and charts shows the direction of business activity, customer relationships and sales.

Sales Dashboard - Visualise Sales team’s performance

  • Keep track of what stage in the pipeline leads and opportunities are
  • Monitor the total number of sales the team has closed
  • Overview of weekly/monthly reports on other KPIs other than closed sales
  • Check how leads, opportunities, and agents are interacting with each other
  • Create forecasts using all the data collected from CRM
  • Helps collaborate with the sales and marketing team for better business strategy.

Marketing Dashboard - Keep a track of marketing efforts

  • Offers a complete overview of all your company’s marketing services, from lead generation to email marketing.
  • Highlights key metrics that demonstrate the ROI and performance of email marketing campaigns of your business.
  • Showcase different stages of process in marketing conversion funnel through funnel charts.
  • Identify time between the initial contact and first sale along with the amount of initial sale
  • Offers campaign wise stats which can be further segmented basis user demographics, technology used and user behavior with the campaign
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