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Capture and convert more sales with

pipeline management CRM software

Gather all your prospect and project data in a single, manageable place

Track the progress of key leads for a more effective onboarding process

Integrate Pipeline with CRM and emails with a few simple steps

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Work smarter

  • Optimiser’s

    pipeline lead management software

    is a single source of truth where teams can guide each prospect and project through its full lifecycle
  • Keep on top of your activities for each account, opportunities for expansion, next step management and chances to follow-up
  • Sales pipelines management software

    allows you to gain a clear snapshot of your prospect or project data at a glance
  • Create clear and readable progress reports to share on-platform with colleagues and stakeholders in a few simple clicks

Accelerate your productivity

  • The intuitive CRM and pipeline management tool tracks your sales funnel and gathers all key information about your prospective clients into one place
  • Multiple pipelines per user ensure that management for all projects and ongoing leads are accurately monitored, with no crossed wires and efficient data retrieval
  • Synchronise remote and global teams into one unit and adapt your work

    dynamics with CRM pipeline management

    to optimise sales in the new digital work environment

Achieve more

  • Optimiser provides data analytics on audience demographics, task status, team performance and revenue: helping monitor the productivity of your teams, ensure a healthy ROI, and on-time KPI achievements
  • Map projects in the pipeline with integrated

    project management software

    and CRM tools for real-time progress management
  • Work through your lead nurturing process and segmentation seamlessly with an optimised funnel that accelerates conversions using fewer resources
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