Provide magnificent, service-oriented hospitality

  • Integrated with the core CRM suite, Optimiser’s hotel management software features powerful customer analytics to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Optimiser’s hospitality and hotel management software allows you to streamline the guest experience from the first touchpoint to following up on a review
  • Live updates integrated from your booking system with accounting software allow you to track room sales, occupancy rate, and generate more revenue on your unused space
  • Spend less time on the manual tasks by implementing a scalable hotel management software for your small hotel, and more time providing a genuine service that exceeds guests’ expectations and builds loyalty

Understand and cater to your audiences

  • Build customer loyalty by offering seamless experiences with the help of Optimiser’s CRM-integrated guest management software
  • Integrate data from all your channels to better understand the customer cycle through your business and create tailored experiences
  • Discover and store a 360 degree profile for your guests using CRM Contacts and Accounts integrated with powerful hotel management software applications
  • Custom analytics into consumer trends to provide personalised services that meet fluctuating guest requirements and increase clientele satisfaction

Be fluent in your management software

  • The benefits of hotel management software based on the cloud mean you can operate all parts of hospitality provision, to ensure a smooth and revenue-effective process from any device, anywhere in the world
  • Use your digital portals to track prospects and your POS to gain a unified view of the user journey through your service
  • Your single integrated data source for customers provides an increase in opportunities for upselling leisure and events spaces
  • Automations allow you to allocate more time resources to training staff and meeting new challenges innovatively
  • Unify the hospitality, travel and rental sectors on your integrated system for a seamless guest experience with your service provision

One powerful platform Simple to use Comprehensive

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