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Optimiser Hospitality Solution

Operate, manage and grow your business with Optimiser
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Optimiser Hospitality Solution
Operate, manage, and grow your business with Optimiser’s Hospitality Solution

The right property management system is key to a successful hotel. The system that makes your front desk workflow easy will create a seamless experience for guests. Furthermore, the businesses associated with hospitality need to work as efficiently as possible to streamline operations.

With Optimiser's hospitality solution, you can capture hotel booking enquiries directly from email and web forms, and assign prospects to the right person.

What are the challenges with the Hospitality industry?

Reportedly, one-quarter of the hotel software budget goes towards property management systems. With this hefty investment, these applications are expected to solve broad business challenges. As the hospitality sector is evolving, outdated applications may not solve problems that come with modern infrastructure. Some of the challenges that businesses in the hospitality industry face:

  • A scattered rate management system consumes time, and manual entry is open to errors
  • Lack of insight into customer analysis and segmentation
  • Employee activity tracking and management
  • Attracting and engaging the right prospects at the right time
  • Sharing data storage organisation within different departments
  • Difficulty in retaining guests and rate negotiation
Attract and engage your customers with the best platform for the hospitality sector.
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How Optimiser improves sales and offers for better customer experience

Scattered data brought onto one platform

  • With a simple on-boarding process, easily bring large-scale scattered datasets distributed over multiple channels onto a single platform.
  • Collected data can be utilised to understand customer behaviour and demographics
  • Get reports on CTR, bounce rate and conversion, to make better business decisions from Optimiser Marketing Suite
  • Centralise content and data. Share files securely on-platform within the team using Optimiser Cloud Storage
Scattered data brought onto one platform
Tracking sales activities and ROI

Tracking sales activities and ROI

  • With Optimiser Sales Suite, identify activities that push deals to close and drive revenues for the sales team
  • Make informed decisions to improve quality of leads and scale profitability with in-built reports 
  • Get one view of all properties with respect to sales activity, and calculate sales team cost versus revenue earned to measure ROI using Analytics
  • This CRM software comes with an automated pipeline tool to enhance conversion strategies and manage a higher enquiry volume

Team collaboration with account history

  • Single source of truth for information to store account history and contact management
  • Use contact history to create a comprehensive and personalised user experience
  • Run unlimited reports within Optimiser’s CRM to view your most important data metrics at a glance
  • Give appropriate access to staff based on role to view their schedule and client appointments using the Shop Suite
Team collaboration with account history
Identify prospects and engage - travel agents and corporates

Identify prospects and engage - travel agents and corporates

  • With Optimiser CRM, easily segregate type of prospects like a travel agent or corporate
  • Deliver relevant messages to clients based on who they are and how they connect with your business using Workflow Automation
  • Identifying the type of prospects to find out ways to engage with them using the Marketing Suite

Retaining guests

  • Gather company data at one place to make smarter decision using CRM
  • CRM-integrated Sales Suite keeps the customer at the heart of the sales strategy from acquisition to retention
  • With Marketing Automation, email guests about the latest offerings and discounts
Retaining guests
Revenue generation

Revenue generation

  • With many happy and satisfied guests, it reflects on the revenue
  • Smoothens operation to improve overall profitability of the business
  • Increase the number of clients having faith with personalised emails using Marketing Automation, leading to more revenue generation

Rate negotiations - centralised rate management system

  • Save time by eliminating manual entries of negotiated rates using Optimiser-Opera Integration
  • Sales team can create rate plans for different booking sources, whether OTA, direct, offline or corporate
  • Any member of the sales team can enter negotiated rates into one centralised system
Rate negotiations - centralised rate management system
Better Together – Integrate your Opera with Optimiser

Better Together – Integrate your Opera with Optimiser

Now you can integrate Optimiser with your existing Opera PMS and further smoothen the process for your sales and marketing team. Opera is the most effective property management system used by large hotels to deliver comprehensive property management for your hospitality business. By integrating Opera with Optimiser, you can provide an even better guest experience and improve business performance with real-time updates. Optimiser brings the power-of-one platform to simplify your hotel management.

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