Optimiser’s customisable CRM system meets every unique business need

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A tool to suit each of your business needs

Optimiser, with its suite of apps can be fully customised to make sales management even more organised. Add industry-specific fields and modules, use editable and personalisable tagging and filtering functions on your contacts and accounts to sort by the most relevant fields, making communications simple and time-efficient. Run marketing campaigns with editable and customisable email templates. Analyse the success of your campaign via in-built reports or create a custom system built for reports your business needs.

See the reports that are relevant to you

With customisable CRM reports you can deep-dive into the exact areas of interest for your business, using pre-set and editable templates in a number of formats from tables to charts. Create custom reports and project your business specific reports within the Optimiser platform. Analyse business health through the data matrix or collaborate within teams to keep up with important KPIs.

One personalised subscription

Optimiser can be fully customised and adapted to suit the needs of your team, as we understand the needs of your business are unique. The platform offers a suite of apps like CRM, Marketing Suite, Sales Suite, Analytics and more to accommodate every aspect of your business. Only pay for the features you use, with your uniquely customisable subscription.

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