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Optimiser is always striving to become better and efficient to use. Know our latest updates and upgrades.

Optimiser becomes a proud member of St. Andrew’s Westminster 100 Club 2022-2023

Optimiser is proud to become a member of St Andrew’s Westminster 100 Club 2022-23. The certification has been awarded for our commitment to the local community by raising valuable funds to help St. Andrew’s Club members.Know More


Optimiser Introduces Resource Module

Introducing the Resources module to the platform. Individuals/ organisations can integrate the module with the resources section on the website to upload essential information to inform website visitors and customers.Know More


Optimiser has Introduced Committee Module to Manage and Track Meetings

Introducing a Committee Management module, Optimiser's latest module allows you to manage and track meetings and interactions. Ideal for committees and executives, the module enables you to govern critical administrative processes such as advisory committees, the board of counsellors, technical evaluations and additional business operations.Know More


Task Management with an Enhanced User Experience

Use Optimiser's cloud-based project and task management tool, which enables you to create, plan, organise and track tasks in real-time. It allows you to manage the team's workload effectively and increase productivity.Know More


Use the Power of the Optimiser Platform to Empower your Shopify Store

With Optimiser-Shopify integration, users can connect their ecommerce data from Shopify to Optimiser, synchronise accounts and contacts to host information in one place and come with advanced control permission to secure data at different levels.Know More


Optimiser Touchpoint Introduces API feature to integrate third-party applications to the website

Integrate your Optimiser Touchpoint Website with the range of third-party applications using the API feature. Manage products, members, orders, events, send emails, upload files and more.Know More


Now Transfer Workflow and Pipeline Ownership in your Optimiser Platform

Optimiser has introduced the transfer feature in the automation module and pipeline, allowing users to transfer ownership of process workflow and its rules from one user to another. Know More


Progressive Web App for Immersive Experience

Optimiser Touchpoint has introduced the Progressive Web Application feature for users to create remarkably efficient and high-end progressive web apps that render a 100% immersive experience. These apps are built in a way that search engines can easily discover them and follows a structured approach for faster and more secure migration of data across browsers. Know More


Create personalised forms to get online and start your business with Optimiser Touchpoint forms

Delighted to launch the latest feature for Optimiser Touchpoint Form Builder, this new tool allows the users to create detailed forms that embed into the website seamlessly and offer an engaging way of collecting information.Know More


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