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Retail management simplified with Optimiser’s intelligent system

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Integrated platform to manage your retail and supply chain effortlessly

Start managing your retail business with CRM software. With Optimiser CRM, businesses can optimise customer experience by unifying customer data at a focal point and offering personalised experience resulting in higher customer lifetime value. Instead of managing different outlets individually, you can now manage entire retail operations with a single interface. It allows you to manage stocks through a customised inventory management system and integrate with third-party applications such as Shopify and customise reports using advanced filters. Increase your selling efforts with the omnichannel platform that uses AI to understand customer choices and help you stock inventory better.

Challenges with retail businesses

Organisations are often overwhelmed due to ever-increasing expectations of customers. In the modern era of big data, success primarily depends on how good the organisation manages customer relationships. With Optimiser Retail solution, businesses can develop a seamless and personalised shopping experience resulting in increased sales, boosted brand loyalty and conversions.

Managing clients & vendors with different contracts and checking their commission

Collecting and differentiating contacts and customers

Managing staff rostering

Improving sales process, streamlining customer services and customer retention

Difficulty in measuring marketing campaigns

Reducing no-shows and secure bookings

Optimiser is a collaborative suite of tools that connects CRM, workflow automation, marketing automation, task management and more into one unified subscription

How does Optimiser help retail businesses?

Bring customers, vendors and employees together


Do more than managing data. Optimiser shop suite allows businesses to create online catalogues and services, promote them to customers and allow them to make their purchases directly


Understand what your customers truly want and serve their needs better. Create workflow, reduce no-shows and secure bookings from your CRM

Elevate your customer service expectations


Automate customer service processes and streamline your retail operations. Collaborate with retailers consistently and manage networks efficiently for maximum productivity


Manage customer queries from a single dashboard, seamlessly integrate with Shopify and personalise customer interactions and improve their experience

Set up online bookings and cut no-shows


With an intelligent scheduling system embedded on your website, save time booking appointments and get one week of scheduling at a glance


Confirm appointments through email, send automated reminders to customers and cut-no shows by online payments

Power to control management tools


With advanced control permission, manage access to sensitive information to staff, manage multiple outlets, assign duties to staff and calculate commission and tips basis their role


Give appropriate access to staff based on schedule and client appointments. Use built-in analytics to find out the performance of different outlets

Acquire new customers and retain them


With Optimiser’s Marketing Suite, create customised campaigns, personalise your emails, and choose from several in-built templates to boost bookings with the right customer target


Measure the performance of campaigns with intelligently built reports and retain customers by modifying marketing strategies

Fully customisable platform to meet your business needs

Optimiser serves as a unified platform that captures all customer data in one place and helps you offer a great customer experience. Use the power of one platform to execute all retail operations by using several fully customisable features such as project management, lead management, event management, product cataloguing, calendar, cloud storage and more. With a seamless onboarding process, transfer all your data with staff, clients, services and inventory information. Integrate with Shopify to skyrocket the possibilities of your online store.

What does Optimiser do for Retail Businesses?

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased Lead Nurturing

Reduced Customer Service Cost

Increased Customer Retention Rate

Reduction in Sales and Marketing Cost

Improved Performance with in-built analytics

How does Optimiser Retail CRM work?

Optimiser Retail Solution caters to all the requirements of retail businesses. It offers a range of features such as calendar, contacts and accounts, project management, inventory management, and event management and customise them as per the unique business needs. We are here to help you with any information you need and walk you through our fully customisable retail solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is retail CRM, and how does it help?

A retail CRM is a cloud-based platform that helps organisations manage and expand retail chain networks from a single platform. It allows businesses to collaborate directly and consistently with retailers to offer better visibility of products resulting in improved sales. With Optimiser Retail Solution, businesses can discover the retail network's maximum utility and selling power.

Will my data be secured with Optimiser?

Optimiser takes utmost measures and actions to keep your data and information secure. We are a Cyber Essential Plus certified organisation ensuring your data is safe and protected.

Why use Optimiser CRM for retail?

Optimiser CRM allows you to manage all your retail activities with a single dashboard. Optimiser helps you to automate processes from acquiring new leads to delivering the final product to customers. Use pre-sales mechanics to maximise efficiency, manage your supply chain and inventory effectively, and streamline workflow. In addition, you get analytics to support your customers even after-sales.

What are the benefits of Retail CRM?

Increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and improve organisational performance with Optimiser Retail solution. It offers four unique things to give the upper hand over the competition, including segmentation, promotion, purchases and retention. With suites of tools offered by Optimiser, businesses can segment customer data and target promotions to segmented customers. It further keeps customer history to keep track of their purchases and feedback. It increases retention rates by keeping them in the heart of your business.

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