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Driving business process innovation and operational excellence

Personalised automated workflows for customer journeys

Send emails automatically at the right time

Connect with customers with trigger-based emails

Develop customised purchase paths for customers

Add personal touch with your business branding

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Scale-up your business with automated intelligence to perform repetitive tasks with ease and efficiency

  • Streamline customer journey with end-to-end automation of processes
  • Minimal time for task completion with high process completion speed
  • Save time from repetitive tasks, and save productivity of employees
  • Robust action flow and rules to reduce risks of errors and mistakes
  • Intelligent workflow automation to boost productivity without incurring additional hiring cost
  • Impactful and customisable application as dynamic as your business

Convey right messages at the right time with a personalised branded touch

  • Enhance customer journeys by delivering relevant messages to customers on the basis of who they are and how they connect with your business
  • Reach customers’ mailbox through transactional emails about their purchase or any other account activity
  • Highlight your product features by sharing information regularly
  • Send wishes to customers and employees on their special days like birthdays, anniversary, etc
  • Keep your clients updated through communications about latest offerings

Set the workflow automation and work on building your business with pre-built journeys

  • Give your team the power to drive next-wave productivity and customer experiences
  • Automatically retarget customers who have previously bought your products or services
  • Tackle simple and complex workflows and automate your teams’ work and tasks without losing efficiency
  • Ensure compliance by following the exact process that meets your standards, and keep reporting at your fingertips
  • Improve customer experience by standardising processes, which makes outcomes more effective and efficient
  • Streamline processes, uncover efficiencies, and get insights fast and cost-effective manner
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