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Sales Suite
Sell more with less using CRM for sales

Optimise the funnel with automations for lead qualifying and nurturing

Use Marketing Suite data on lead origins to create a unified customer journey

Sales and CRM Analytics build customer profiles for personalisations and upselling

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Manage high-performing sales teams

  • Sell bigger from Optimiser’s sales management control system
  • Master automations, AI insights and a high-capacity pipeline, to boost your B2C and B2B sales successes
  • Optimiser’s CRM-integrated sales suite keeps the customer at the heart of your sales strategy from acquisition to retention
  • Gain data-driven insights and predictive sales forecasts to optimise the customer cycle and sales budget

Optimise your Pipeline and win more sales

  • Optimiser’s core CRM software for sales teams includes an automated pipeline tool to enhance conversion strategies and manage a higher enquiry volume
  • Track and manage high-volume prospects simultaneously, from predictive warmth scoring to automated nurturing
  • Monitor team progress on KPIs and tasks

Successful sales cycle with customer segmentation

  • Turn three-dimensional Contacts and Account profiles into a valuable data mine
  • Unite departments under a single CRM toolkit for sales and marketing
  • Allow customer experience insights to inform creative, effective and personalised onboarding communications

Create custom reports to track sales

  • As a sales manager toolkit, Sales Suite allows you to evaluate departmental progress and allocate sales resources
  • Gain quick and clear insights into key data from across the full sales scope from pipeline status to deal closures and KPI achievements
  • The best CRM option for large-scale enterprise sales teams: gather company sales data from global sales activity for comprehensive analytics

Comprehensive sales toolkit to fortify your sales strategy

  • Switch easily between modules within the CRM-integrated sales suite to run a seamless pipeline prioritising excellent customer experiences
  • Focus onboarding efforts on the strongest prospects to generate quick growth
  • Nurture existing customer accounts to create loyal and meaningful relationships that promote steady business expansion
  • Ideal for both fast and steady growth from small businesses to global enterprises, Optimiser is your sales toolkit for success


What is Sales Management Software for?

Digital sales toolkits are often web-based sales management systems designed to improve the way businesses capture and convert leads. Why use a CRM for sales? Well, providing automations, CRM-integrated features and organisational features, sales managers can streamline their workflow, reduce outgoing costs and increase sales within a single platform.

What are the key CRM parameters for sales automation?

The advantage of your CRM-integrated sales management system is that customer relationship automations can be implemented at touchpoints across your full business scope.

Analytics and sales lead distribution systems streamline the marketing-sales divide, Pipeline and proposal generation optimise your onboarding, and invoicing speeds up deal closure.

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