Create strategic workflows and achieve more with Optimiser’s Task Management

Monitor teams’ performance from a single tab

Accomplish more by enhancing the workflow

Integrated Pipeline, CRM and emails create or update tasks in a few clicks

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Organise. Manage. Perform.
  • Gain an understanding about your teams’ work progress at a glimpse
  • Streamline your task management using detailed customisation features including tagging, task ticketing, and integrations with your pipelines, contacts and accounts
  • Assign tasks, add due dates and priority tags to ensure tasks are finished on time

Simplify project workflow

  • Create lists and sublists to group and stratify tasks by project to ensure a simple and uncomplicated workflow
  • Attach comments to tasks to communicate efficiently and quickly regarding a specific project with the relevant people
  • Add files to ensure everyone has all the relevant information necessary to complete their task list
Employee ROI
  • Optimiser’s task management app helps organise your teams every day to meet flexible and changing requirements for collaboration
  • Comprehensive task management enables smooth planning within teams to achieve a maximised output
  • Organise your workforce to ensure time is being used effectively, meet targets faster, and build intuitive employee cohesion

One powerful platform Simple to use Comprehensive

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