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Value mining

Discover the true value of contact management software to organise your contact database for increased sales, upselling opportunities and time-saving proxy sales. Optimiser’s built-in contact management module records every communication and action from within the platform. Associate accounts, tasks and important documents, and store them in one place available to access at any point. Convert more leads and enhance opportunity gains by using contact information history to make smarter sales and marketing decisions.

Understand your contacts

Detailed tagging and customised filtering options mean you can quickly organise your contacts to increase communication speed and segment your customers for targeted marketing and communications.

View communication history across multiple channels to see where your most successful interactions take place, accessible on the go to ensure you are prepared for any call. Ensure you understand how each of your contacts works and the best way in which to personalise interactions with them.

Organise your database

Personalise the filter information on your contact list to ensure vital customer segments can be identified quickly. Filter your database by any selected category alphabetically, by relevance or date. Tag contacts by level of importance and opportunity, allowing simple follow-up procedures and clear POA (plan of action) creation.

Connect contacts with your account and pipeline modules to enable context-specific sales and marketing pitches. Contacts can be linked to social and third party sites so all key information is ready to view and available on hand.

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