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Small Business Expert Guide To Lead Generation

Customer Relationship Management or CRM software is used by many business owners to organise and keep track of customer and lead interactions. It is a centralised data management system to keep all the data stored and secured in one place. Integrating CRM and lead management tool can help increase revenue by capturing the interest of the target audience and discovering strategies that will allow you to grow your business. 


How CRM Can Help With Lead Generation?

Here's how CRM can assist organisations in lead generation: 


Capturing Lead Data

CRM software captures and stores lead information like interests, preferences, purchase history, contact details etc. This data can be used to personalise communication, tailor marketing campaigns, and increase the chance of converting leads into customers. 



Segmentation is perhaps the greatest tool that can be employed for lead generation. It identifies the leads that suit your ideal buyer's persona and separates them into groups. These groups can be targeted based on the common pain points that they share and increase the chance of converting as many leads as possible.


Lead generation strategy for small businesses


Let's take the example of Company A which produces stationery items. Its ideal buyers are artists looking for professional tools. They can be grouped into one segment. Beginners who are learning to use professional tools can be grouped into another category. 


Tracking Leads

CRM sales lead management can be used to track the status of leads, such as whether they are actively engaged with the business or have become customers. This can help businesses prioritise their efforts and focus on leads that are most likely to convert.


Automating Marketing Activities 

Automating marketing activities such as sending personalised emails or ads to leads based on their interests and purchase history. This can save time and improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


Lead Generation: Why Is It Important?

Acquiring new customers can be a challenge for small businesses, but strong customer relationships are just as essential for success. Engaging leads through relevant content can bring new customers to small businesses. It is their opportunity to build a relationship based on trust. Customers who initiate contact with a business are likely to be the most loyal ones. 

Before working on generating leads, small businesses should reflect on their strategy and business goals. The following questions can assist businesses in creating their lead generation strategy: 

  • Who are your potential customers?
  • What do they care about?
  • How will you measure success?

Understanding your audience and how your company can make your business operations easier. It is important to start a meaningful dialogue and focus on building a relationship, rather than making a sale.


Tactics For Generating High-quality Leads

Lead generation tactics are strategies and techniques used to identify and cultivate potential customers for a business. And with the help of a lead management solution, businesses can use the following lead generation tactics to bring more revenue.

  • Content marketing: Creating and sharing high-quality, relevant, and valuable content, such as blog posts, articles, videos, and infographics, can help attract potential customers to a business and convert them into leads.


  • Search engine optimisation (SEO): Optimising a business's website and online presence for search engines can help improve its visibility and attract potential customers who are searching for products or services related to the business.


  • Social media marketing: Using social media platforms to share content, engage with potential customers, and promote products or services can help generate leads for a business.


  • Email marketing: Sending targeted and personalised emails to potential customers can help generate leads and nurture them until they are ready to make a purchase.


  • Paid advertising: Using paid advertising can help a business reach a wider audience and generate leads more quickly.


CRM for lead generation

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Optimiser CRM For Lead Generation 

Optimiser CRM comes with a lead management suite that helps businesses generate leads and convert them into customers. It includes features such as contact management, lead tracking, marketing automation, and analytics. By using Optimiser's effective lead management suite, businesses can streamline their sales process and improve their ability to reach potential customers. This can help them to increase their sales and revenue, as well as improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.



There are many different lead-generation tactics that businesses can use to attract and convert potential customers. The best tactics will vary depending on the business, its target audience, and its goals. CRM can be a valuable tool for lead generation by helping businesses capture, track, and nurture leads. By using a CRM effectively, businesses can improve their chances of converting leads into customers and grow their revenue.

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