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The faster the small businesses grow, the more they realise that starting a business is easy, but maintaining is difficult. As you accelerate the growth of your business, you acquire new clients and customers, hire new resources and suddenly you feel the need for scalable operational structure and the right kind of tools for sustain. Optimiser’s solution for small business can help organisations of all types to develop internal infrastructure and external relationships. With the “Power of One”, companies can manage projects, clients, marketing, sales, and people.

Optimiser allows small businesses to monitor aspects of the sales cycle and convert leads to deals. Fully customisable solution as per your unique business needs, it offers affordable subscription that never puts a hole in your pockets.

What are the challenges of Small Businesses?

Running a business is not an easy task. Small businesses often encounter the problem of insufficient funds, lack of resources, high entry barriers and a lot of competition affecting its growth. Generally, while establishing a company, small business owners try to manage everything on their own. However, Jack of all trades is master of none. Here are some of challenges which small businesses face:

Not good enough leads

Messy and decentralised data

Discordant workflows

Sales representatives connecting with same leads

Misaligned sales and marketing activities

Customer churn

Discover best leads, boost customer engagement, and drive deals with a smart, comprehensive solution.

How Optimiser helps small businesses to boost sales?

Convert leads to deals faster


Automation in marketing and lead management saves time and valuable resources resulting in increased output, which makes workflow more efficient


Convert more leads with CX mapping, churn analysis, predictive lead forecasting and automated nurturing. Comes with relevant features to help you grow

No more messy and decentralised data


Optimiser collects data from many sources at a single place, so that every interaction you have with leads across channels are centralised under one umbrella


Use a centralised store of company data to streamline your sales funnel with built-in Accounts, Contacts and Pipeline

Fully customable and affordable


Encouraging growth with superior cloud-based CRM tools and powerful integrated suites. An affordable solution for small business


Customise it as per your unique business needs and choose the subscription from the suite of apps to ensure you only pay for what you use

Monitor every aspect of sales cycle


Deep dive into data Analytics for heightened business intelligence and informed strategies for marketing, leads and customer relationships


Evolve beyond third party tools, and manage the entire business with a single platfrorm. Get the holistic view of entire business performance with Optimiser Analytics

Align sales and marketing efforts


With Optimiser small business solution, sales and marketing teams collaboratively as they get to see same data, which is updated real time


It becomes easy to track acquisition channels and conversions from every channel and source. This allows company to give up on channels that fails to do well

Why is Optimiser the best Small Business CRM?

With Optimiser CRM solution for small businesses, companies can unify their business processes, right from sales to marketing to data management. They can get rid of tedious excel sheets, which they manage manually and replace them with automation to allow you to focus on seamless customer experience. It brings out all the customer touchpoints and gives insights into what customers look for, and helps you engage with them using the ‘Power of One.’

  • Highlights crucial information about contacts, accounts and sales
  • Capture website visitors as leads in the CRM
  • Track deals in pipeline and predict revenue
  • Segment and target prospects with their marketing journeys
  • Boost productivity with automation
One powerful platform
Simple to use

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