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Marketing Suite
Marketing automations to achieve more with less

Save resources and increase productivity through AI automations

Unite Sales and Marketing data for an optimised customer journey

Marketing analytics for insight into demographics, funnels, leads and mailers

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Create fans of your brand with each campaign

  • Optimiser’s powerful marketing suite uses automations to supercharge your strategies and grow your business
  • Understand the way consumers think using detailed data collection and insights
  • Marketing automations save time and financial resources, allowing teams to get creative
  • Optimise your customer cycle from the bottom line and watch quality leads turn into your all-star accounts

Create responsive and engaging emails

  • Design custom email layouts to create engaging campaigns tailored to your KPI goals
  • Personalise emails according to unique customer segments
  • Discover the formula for executing successful mailers with A/B testing and marketing automations
  • Feedback reports into your CTR, bounce rate and conversions

Create relevant and engaging customer segmentation

  • Unite your marketing suite with sales for a cohesive and customer-oriented approach to prospect onboarding
  • Use Optimiser’s marketing automation feature for small businesses for strong brand growth
  • Cloud-based Pipeline targets automated campaigns at any point of the customer funnel, and drives engagement
  • Build and organise customer segments, and tailor communications to meet the unique needs of your audience

Optimiser’s integrated CRM and Analytics

  • Bridge the gap between your sales and marketing teams by collating all customer cycle data in one place
  • Provide a leak-free user journey that captures even more customers
  • Gather data-driven insights from your client database to evolve your marketing strategies


What does Marketing Suite mean?

Marketing Suite is a collection of software tools for managing marketing resources, budget and campaigns. Integrated with CRM, the suite allows you to create customer-oriented marketing targeted towards unique audience demographics.

Who needs marketing automation software?

Businesses of all sizes from SMEs to Enterprises can benefit from marketing automations. By reducing the number of resources wasted on false leads and non-tailored marketing, your team will find an increased ROI and stronger brand relationships in both B2B and B2C campaigns.

What is a marketing automation system and how is it used?

While there are many types of marketing automation software available, every system will help you to manage your marketing assets: clean and analyse data, distribute resources where they are needed, and eliminate repetitive tasks.

How to implement a marketing automation system?

Optimiser’s expert onboarding team works with your business to identify areas in which marketing automation tools can help optimise your processes. Comprehensive tutorials and product resources allow you to adapt to your new tool and begin scoring those big wins right away.

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