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How to approach sales holistically using CRM & Analytics?

In the old days, salespeople were reliant on their strategies and experience. As time passed, the sales team began to rely on technology to improve the experience of the leads they interact with. This augmentation between sales and technology was called Sales 2.0. Applications and tools for sales flooded the market as sales reps began to get acquainted with tech for sales processes. 

Sales 3.0 has observed a holistic approach towards using technology for sales. It is the perfect grouping of strong leadership skills, powerful technology and driving sales using insights. 

With a robust Optimiser Sales Suite with integrated analytics and CRM custom reports, businesses can aid their sales teams to use data-driven insights to empower their business to embrace Sales 3.0.


key sales metrics


How to approach sales holistically using CRM & Analytics?


Train teams holistically 

The number in the dashboard of the sales teams is not the sole indicator of their performance. Using multiple metrics will allow you to explore every facet of your business to build your sales team whose foundation lies in data. 

The importance of having a versatile performance assessment system allows you to align your sales team with your long-term business goals. 

On Optimiser, you can select the key sales metrics of 2022 that you wish to track and customise your dashboard to display them.  It allows your team to focus on the receivables. You can devote your resources to business-critical areas. To stand in this competitive market, a multi-dimensional assessment and training for sales will allow your business to grow and stay ahead of the trends. 


Achieve targets with guidance 

For the sales teams, they set a target and then work fervently to achieve that goal. CRM sales reports will display the number desired but the process that is used to reach the target may be counterproductive. As sales managers, individuals have to be able to guide their teams to achieve their goals with productivity as a key goal. 

Running a granular analysis of your activities allows the sales leaders to target customers based on the geographics. Why is it important you'd ask? 

Let's take an example where a company targets consumers in two nations, UK and US. The sales team observes a higher conversion rate in the UK as compared to the US. With a granular analysis, you will able to guide your teams to increase sales in the US. 


Crisis management 

When the sales numbers begin to drop, the fingers are generally pointed towards the sales team. However, in an organisation that is being built with collective efforts, the sales team is not a standalone system. It works alongside marketing, finances, support, development and much more. It is crucial to have end-to-end insights to allow your teams to function and increase accountability in times of crisis.

Each department will be able to view the performance of the business operations and plug the issues while increasing accountability within the organisation. 


CRM Analytics

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Empowering decisions

To make empowering decisions, you need the support of CRM that generates important sales reports such as dynamics CRM email reports etc. Good insights are a part of Sales 3.0. Steering your teams towards improved analytics by shortening the learning curve and cutting the time required to generate these nights. Using the Optimiser CRM Analytics is an excellent way of keeping track of these insights. and allow your teams to make important decisions. 


Optimiser's Sales Suite 

Using the comprehensive sales suite by Optimiser, you can win more sales with a pipeline that tracks the customer journey from acquisition to closure. Having high-volume pipelines, use CRM analytics to build segments that are personalised, allowing you to target customers efficiently. Allocate sales resources in the areas that need a boost while evaluating the departmental progress as well as every sales rep's performance. 

Gather clear insights from the data collected and generate unlimited reports that come with visually appealing charts and graphs. This allows your teams to interact with data. 



In any highly competitive industry, the sales teams need to zero in on sales, focus less on collecting data from different sources, and spend more time analysing the said data. With a powerful Business Intelligence like Optimiser driven by data, you can lead your sales team into the golden and productive world of Sales 3.0. 

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