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CRM Statistics

Helpful CRM statistics for 2022 for improving customer relationships

CRM system is an efficient solution that can improve business performance and nurture excellent customer relationships with added personalisation. With the help of CRM, businesses have been able to grow tenfold and go head-to-head with their biggest competitors. Reports within CRM allow businesses to personalise interactions and use the data to segment their customers effectively. 


Small, and medium businesses as well as larger enterprises adopt CRM technology to make their business operations smooth and efficient. 


Take a look at the following statistics to understand the usefulness of CRM software and how it assists in improving customer relationships:


1. The growth of CRM is not slowing down. As per Forbes Business Insights, CRM tech will be worth $128.97 billion worldwide by 2028. 


2. As per Capterra, companies invest in CRM software for their business within the first 5 years of launch. When any technology is implemented, 80% of it is used by the sales teams, 46% by marketing and 45% by customer service. 


3. As per a study done by Zendesk, CRM technology can be used to improve business agility. 


Customers expect a consistent experience from the brand across all channels. 73% of the customers mentioned that they are likely to switch brands if the brand does not deliver a consistent experience. (Salesforce)

As per Salesforce, CRM can help businesses maintain a consistent brand presence across all channels and provide seamless omnichannel connectivity.


Reports within CRM


5. Grand View Research learned through a study that 91% of companies with 10 or more employees implement CRM.


6. The sales teams spend 18% of their time on CRM. (Forbes)


7. A Salesforce-led study found that 68% of marketers say that their company competes on customer experience. Meaning, that businesses strive to make great changes to their customer experience to establish themselves as a leading brand in the market. 


8. A Gartner study revealed that the largest area of spending on enterprise software will be CRM. 


CRM solution for all business types

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These CRM statistics paint a picture that is hard to ignore. CRM dominates the decision-making process for most of the businesses in the market. The main reason behind this is that the data insights allow them to make informed decisions to offer the most seamless business experience and improve the customer experience.



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