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The Need For Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web applications have started gaining prominence over native apps because of their reliability and easy maintenance. Many giant corporations prefer to use the progressive web application tool as they deliver a far more seamless customer experience even with limited internet connectivity. 


If you are not familiar with PWAs, here's a crash course into them: 

These applications function like native-built apps. They used features of web browsers and enhancement strategies and provide an amazing app-like experience on any device. They do not require much coding either, therefore, can be used by smaller to medium businesses to develop apps. 


Progressive web apps


When Does A Business Need A PWA?


App Development 

Developing an app requires a lot of capital and coding that smaller businesses do not have. PWAs are cheaper and easy to maintain. In no time, you can have your app up and running in no time. You will be able to provide a functional app experience without requiring too much bandwidth. 


Bounce Rate 

One of the many reasons behind a high bounce rate on websites and apps is that they take too long to load. PWAs reduce the bounce rate as they use cached data to ensure that the app is loading faster. Superbalist reported a reduction in bounce rate by 21 percent after implementing progressive web applications. 


Time Spent on Webpages

To increase the time spent on web pages, PWAs are a great help. When the users find that the websites lead easily without any buffering, they will be interested in spending more time on these pages. 

Users have a short attention span in this age of technology. They will switch to a different website immediately if the transition from one page to another is not seamless. 


Speed And Reliability 

Because PWAs do not require heavy coding, they can load information at a much faster rate. The loading time is the determining factor if a lead will transform into a paying customer or not. Not a lot can go wrong when using a PWA. They are reliable as compared to native-built apps. And they are network independent, meaning they can work anytime and at any platform. 



In case a business is looking to increase conversions, PWAs have a lot to offer in this area. They have been ranked highly amongst the apps that offer great UX.



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Search Engine Optimisation 

SEO strategy is developed by marketers to make the business visible to as many folks as possible. PWAs drive organic traffic to the website by providing visibility on search engine result pages or SERPs. 

Native apps are not discoverable because they are hosted on user devices. Whereas, PWAs are websites in a manner of speaking. They are spotted by search engines. Their other advantages include that they are indexable, fast, linkable, and designed with user experience in mind. 


Mobile users

65 percent of E-commerce traffic comes from mobile devices. No-Code Website Builder like Touchpoint allows businesses to build PWAs. It provides leverage when they want to improve the retention and engagement rate. PWAs can make themselves compatible with any device and do not need a lot of internet bandwidth.  


Client Retention 

PWAs assist in retaining clients. They come with easy onboarding without the need to download and they have push notifications included. Users do not have to worry about running out of storage space on their devices. Users will be informed of the new changes in the business all the same. 

You can ensure that the clients are engaging with brands.


Optimiser Touchpoint Built PWAs

A PWA built on Optimiser-Touchpoint comes with an interactive interface that improves user engagement without any lags. These responsive apps are easily discoverable by search engines. With the in-built SEO tools, the apps have a structured approach. It ensures a seamless and secure migration of data across browsers. Allowing businesses to build mobile device-optimised applications, PWAs are extremely robust and improve the conversion rate. 



PWAs allow business owners to gain an improved retention rate and acquire new leads. Investing in progressive web applications can save a lot of resources as well as time. Adding to the advantages is the exceptional user experience that can be improved with a planned SEO strategy.


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