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Importance of Progressive Web Apps for Websites

Progressive web app or PWAs is the latest technology in website development. These apps have one too many advantages over native-built applications without the need for installation and upgrades. 

These are easy to create and use. They are faster, seamless and they do not require an internet connection. 

Optimiser Touchpoint Progressive Web Applications have responsive designs that go well with any device, be it laptops, tablets or mobile phones. 

According to Google, the important characteristics of PWAs are: 

  • Reliability on PWAs has increased because it loads content faster with a weak internet connection and even without internet.
  • Responsive and eliminate delays while loading the site and scrolling.
  • Offers an optimised user experience that has a resemblance to native applications.



Importance of Progressive Web Apps for Websites


Improved performance rate 

PWAs are reported to have a 36% higher conversion rate than native apps. 

PWAs respond faster than mobile apps because it saves the cache data to save the elemental layout of the template. This reduces the time required to load the page and boosts speed. 

The reason why mobile apps do not have a high conversion rate is that the users have a poor user experience on phones. Navigating through apps, security concerns, tough to see product details and inputting personal data, unable to open multiple screens at once etc. 


PWA decreases Bounce rate 

PWAs have a bounce rate of 42.86% whereas mobile apps have a 60% bounce rate, tablets have 49% and on desktop, it can range between 41% to 55%. 

Bounce rate is also dependent on the type of industry your organisation belongs to. It has been observed that some industries experience a bigger bounce rate than others. For example, the B2B industry has a 75% bounce rate whereas the energy industry has a 38% bounce rate. 

It becomes clear that the PWAs enhance the user engagement with their reliability, without the need for internet connection and improved user experience. It has been noticed that progressive web apps are slowly substituting native mobile apps. 


PWAs are smaller than native mobile apps 

Most of the PWAs are up to 90% smaller than native-built applications. The biggest benefit of a PWA is that it is lighter, henceforth, faster and seamless. The majority of these PWAs are not more than 1 MB. 

Users do not have to delete old apps and install new ones. They do not take up too much space in the phones. Many a time, users pass up on downloading new apps because of how much space they take up on their phones.


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PWAs have high customer engagement and conversion 

PWAs have a 50% higher customer engagement rate than a native app. Additionally, these also have a 36% higher conversion rate too. 


Loading Speed Problems 

If a mobile website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, users switch from one page to another. Speed is the single most important factor when it comes to web development. One can make their webpage branded with complete aesthetics and targeted segmentation, but if your website is slow to load, your visitors will switch to the competitors really quick. 

For this reason, PWAs are all the more beneficial. Businesses that made the switch to PWS observed that the time that it took a page to load was decreased by 10 times. 


Seamless browsing experience 

The biggest benefit of a PWA is that you do not have to worry about the template not fitting every device. PWAs have a flexible design that allows them to adapt to mobiles, desktops and tablets. 



Mobile consumption has been increasing over the past decade and is still on the rise. In 2021, the estimated number of smartphone users would reach 3.8 billion worldwide. This equals over 50% of the global population. PWAs have proven to be quite effective in engaging the audience. They combine both the mobile and browsing experience and offers a higher conversion rate. Optimiser Touchpoint has introducred



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