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The Essentials of No-Code Website Design

Low and no-code websites have allowed business owners and freelancers to take their products/ services online and grow even in the midst of the pandemic. Website builder programs in the early 2000s required a whole lot of coding at an expensive rate. With cutting-edge technology, you will be able to build beautiful websites as well as manage high expectations. 


No-Code Web Design: What Are They?


No-code web design enables individuals who know the basic design principles to build stunning web pages. Instead of using custom codes like CSS, HTML or any other programming languages, simple visual tools allow individuals to incorporate elements. 

Low-code websites do require codes in some areas, however, it is not the primary means for designing. One of the best examples of low-code websites is Optimiser-Touchpoint. 


Who Can Use No-Code Web Design Tools?


Small to medium business owners and freelancers will find this tool very useful. Without investing too much capital in web building, they can gain clients and search engine exposure. Rather they will have more resources to invest in PPCs, search engine marketing, SEO, and email marketing software.  

Coding is meticulous and requires time to learn it. Hiring a professional developer can exceed the budget. Website builders offer to host websites at a minimal subscription and provide beautiful templates and customer service for website maintenance.


Website Builder


Limitations of No-Code Websites


It is important to note that low- or no-code websites have their limitations. While you will not be able to replicate the website of your dreams in the reality but you will be able to incorporate most of it. 

You will be able to build an audience and upgrade your site from time to time to keep your brand message consistent. They save you a lot of operational costs. Throw your hat in the ring with your easy-to-build websites and grow your sales numbers. 


Features Of No-Code Websites 


Drag And Drop Designing 


The best feature of no code website building tools is drag-and-drop designing. This allows the designers to drag the elements to the page layout directly. This includes images and text. This intuitive experience appeal to citizen developers because it is easy to use. 

Grid Layouts are extra helpful when it comes to editing. Designers with no coding experience can arrange the elements without worrying about the alignment or the restrictions of the drag-and-drop tools. You will be able to resize the page elements to offer your website a more professional look. 


Compatible With Any Device 

Websites are often opened on mobiles than they are on laptops. The websites should be functional and compatible with desktops and mobiles. Translating to a mobile view does not offer the seamless experience that one would expect. 

Touchpoint allows individuals to develop websites with the same layout and design that works on desktops, mobiles and tablets. You can ensure that there are no cut-off visuals, word breaks, and inconsistent spacing.


No code website builder

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Website builders have features embedded into the platform. For example, Touchpoint offers form building, API, PWA, and Asset manager and comes with SEO as well as social media tools. You can easily integrate third-party platforms into your website to track the customer journey and gather data. 

This allows business owners to put their full creativity on full display. You can grab the attention of the audience without having to spend too much on a website. Some find these templates too restrictive but with no-code web design, you can still offer unique services. Give your brand a personality by crafting a strong brand vision, statement, and messages. Keep the brand colours consistent throughout the channels and with a CRM integration, you prioritise every customer ever. 


Optimiser-Touchpoint Website Builder 

Optimiser-Touchpoint is the smarter way to develop websites and manage them online. With in-built SEO tools, business owners can display the catalogue of their products with an impressive display and ensure that they rank on search engines organically. Powered by the Optimiser platform, Touchpoint comes with a CRM integration to allow owners to gather important customer data for segmentation. Ideal for businesses of all types, sizes and industries, Touchpoint can also be personalised and is compatible with any device 



No-code website designs allow business owners to put their brand's personality forward and stand up against their competitors.  Given that everything moved online in the years of 2020-21 due to the pandemic, these designs have gained more relevance than ever. Businesses can make their websites unique even if there are thousands of people using the same template. The final product will suit the vision of the individuals.



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