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What is a Law Firm CRM? What are its Benefits?

A law firm CRM or customer relationship management software or tool is used by legal organisations to manage their clients' information and interactions. It automates many processes such as tracking business growth, lead tracking, storing paperwork and invoices, managing staff and much more.

Given that law firms deal with an insurmountable amount of data, a CRM can be their saving grace. This investment will prove critical for their growth as they can store data from each practice area and cover all the aspects of development. 


Why is CRM necessary for a law firm?

CRM software has the goal of making the life of the user easy. It improves the processes in the organisation and builds strong client relationships. About 84% of the law firms have seen a rise in productivity since the implementation of CRM. It does not matter what the size of your law firm is. Legal data is sensitive in nature, and any mistake can be fatal. This is why it needs to be secure without error or duplication. 


Even a smaller firm will struggle with managing the paperwork coming their way. People can only fill out the information manually for so long. They are prone to making mistakes or repetition of data. It slows down the work within the organisation and creates many blocks. 


While you can use different platforms for contact management, team collaboration, communication with clients, and productivity, it may not be the most practical solution. You will be skipping from one platform to another to juggle the data. 

The better alternative would be to go for a platform that does all of these things for a good price. Law firm CRM is also useful for lead tracking and conversions. With a lead management CRM software like Optimiser, this task can be accomplished with a predictive lead scoring system.


As your legal base grows, you cannot rely on employees to process tons of data and file it efficiently. Rather than that, you can avail yourself of Optimiser CRM and store your data from the start. This reduces the chances of duplication and errors. As your client base begins to grow, you will need an efficient system to process the information and back it up. 


What are the benefits of using CRM for law firms? 


Client relationships 

CRM, at its heart, allows us to maintain excellent relationships with clients. And same goes for the law firms. It keeps the existing client happy and brings in new prospects. The paperwork involved in the process of client intake should not be overwhelming. One can create templates that come with forms to maintain these relationships. Your CRM will process the client intake and store the data without any trouble. You will be able to share this paperwork with the client and have it stored in your database.



Staff management 

With a large pool of employees involved in a single project, they should be on the same page regarding it. CRM ensures that there are information silos between the members. 

A CRM software like Optimiser ensures that you have a calendar view of the upcoming meetings with clients and colleagues. You can avoid meeting clashes. A notification will be sent to the parties about the scheduled call to ensure that they do not forget about it. You can set up tasks, organise data using tags, and get an insight into how your employees are performing,  



Many law firms now prefer to maintain their records digitally. Going paperless has proven to be quite useful as firms do not have to go on an adventure to the records room to find a file. They can access it on their computers from any device and anytime. Digital documents ensured that the legal system did not go under when the pandemic hit. Law firm CRM stores all the data and organises it using tags securely; it will save you a lot of time, effort and money. Optimiser, a free cloud-based software, offers 3GB of free storage to users in the cloud. 


Performance analysis 

While CRM is used to maintain a lot of paperwork for a legal organisation, law firms can also use the CRM to run performance analyses of their organisation's performance. Across all areas such as client service, lead tracking, relationship management, project management etc. 



To summarise, CRM can help you visualise the results of your efforts in the form of charts and graphs, save you tons of financial resources, and enhance productivity all from one platform.



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