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Stats You Must Know About Sales Automation in 2022

Automation makes much of the business operation easier for the managers and the owners. Becoming popular as time passes, more and more companies are adopting it. The data says that 70% of businesses believe that automation is the solution needed for building effective teams. And 61% of leaders state that automation is useful for hiring managers to pick the right talent for jobs across different departments. 

The most popular user of automation is the marketing department. But another department has found automation extremely useful: The sales department. CRM for sales teams are being sought after by companies to boost their revenue and grow conversions. 

Sales is a work of data and using automation, your team can be extremely effective and efficient. When the process is done manually, it carries a huge margin for human error. Professionals can slip here and there when it comes to data administration. Transferring data from one platform to another is tedious as it is. Many sales deals are lost because representatives are unable to dedicate time to following up with every prospect. Sometimes, you can lose time in attempting to fix a meeting with a lead that declines to purchase your product in the end. To avoid such circumstances to an extent, Optimiser's sales automation can assist sales managers in finding the best lead and conveying your product information. 


Statistics for sales automation 

Business can gain quite a lot from leveraging sales automation, regardless of industry, business size and the sales department structure. 

Using CRM for B2B sales that comes with sales automation, you can address many of these troubles that are time consuming. Here are the figures that make the case about incorporating sales automation :


Important Sales Automation Stats

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  • As reported by Hubspot, about 61% of businesses have reported that they exceeded the revenue targets they set in 2020. Hubspot detailed that 44% of the sales leaders that used competitive intelligence and market data were set to exceed their revenue targets in 2021 


  • Firms that have experienced exponential growth or as referred to as High Growth firms are 26.2% more likely to have a mature marketing and sales strategy in place as compared to their counterpart who is at 16.6%. Hinge Research also added that these high-growth firms are 31% more likely to have a general business software automaton as compared to No growth firms. 

Adding to this, High growth firms are 61% more likely to use automation for their core business processes. 


  • Hinge Research studied that companies using high-level automation for sales generate 16% more leads than those who use low-level or no automation.


  • According to a study done by Gartner, 77% of B2B buyers have found their last purchase to be complex or difficult.


Optimiser Sales Suite


  • Hubspot has reported that 42% of teams using CRM use it for automating meeting schedules. 

40% of them use it to automate content automation. 36% of the teams use CRM to automate the quote generation processes. 

34% of the teams use CRM to automate meeting follow-ups. About 29% of teams using CRM use it for automating rep assignments. And 28% of the teams use CRM to automate lead scoring. 


  • As per Salesforce, AI adoption for sales is likely to grow to a shocking 139% between 2020 and 2023. 

Predictive intelligence adoption for sales processes is anticipated to grow to 118% between 2020 and 2023. 

The lead-to-cash process automation is expected to grow to 115% between 2020 and 2023. 


  • High-performing sales teams are 2.3 times more likely to use a guided selling process than underperforming teams. High-performing sales teams are 10.5 times more likely to experience a major positive impact from their forecasting accuracy than underperforming teams when using intelligent automation. 


  • As per McKinsey, more than 30% of the sales tasks can be automated to improve productivity and efficiency within an organisation. 44% of the firms have reported a reduction in business costs when in departments that have incorporated AI.



Eliminating the need for guesswork, sales automation allows the teams to hit the mark with every prospect. Leads carrying promise can be nurtured with personalised strategies. The kicker is, you do not have to create these strategies by hunting for data, Optimiser platform will gather the information and dish out comprehensive reports with visually engaging charts and graphs to rouse the interest in the figures. One of the best CRM for sales teams, Optimiser offers a 30-day free trial


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