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Lead Generation

Lead Generation Statistics you must not miss in 2022

To put it simply, lead generation is connecting visitors' contact information when they visit a website and express their interest in a product and/ or service and using the interest to get them to purchase the product. The interested individual is referred to as a lead. One can use numerous ways to collect customer information such as web forms, gated content, free ebooks and brochures etc. 


Why should I know about these lead generation statistics? 


One might ask this question. You would rather want to invest your time in researching lead generation strategies but we disagree. Knowing data is the biggest step a business can take in increasing its presence both offline and online. If you do not know your customers, you cannot craft a strategy that will unlock your full potential. Optimiser CRM is very much dependent on data when it delivers performance reports. Data-driven decisions are healthy for the business in the long run and can boost the ROI. 


Once you know what the consumers behave like and what their preferences are, you will be able to create a strategy that is entirely exclusive to your business model and skyrocket its effectiveness. 


Lead Generation Statistics you must not miss in 2022


  • For 91% of marketers, lead generation is the most important goal. 

Without a doubt, retaining old customers is important but you cannot depend on them to generate profits for you. You will need new customers for that. Also, you want your business to be known by a large audience base therefore you will need new customers. High-quality leads can drive the results in a business. 

Given that the competition in the market is increasing every day, a marketer will need all the data-based evidence to leverage it and bring new customers.


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  • Half of the budget is spent on lead generation by 53% of the marketers

Paid advertising, outbound tools etc are used to gather new leads from different sources. Lead generation is of extreme importance for any business, no matter the size. 


  • Marketing automation generates more leads as per 80% of marketers 

Automation has taken over quite a few aspects of our lives. Different industries rely on automation to accomplish tedious tasks without duplication or data errors. 

Automation can be set up to send emails on a regular basis to the leads and keep them engaged. Engaged leads are far more likely to turn into paying customers than those leads that have not been interacted with. 


  • Form submission is used by 84% of marketers to gather new leads

Once you have identified your conversion points, you will be able to drive new leads into converting successfully. Form submission is the most commonly used technique to collect information. It includes contact us forms, scheduling an appointment, demo request forms, requesting a callback etc. It is also used for gated content. While form submission is common, it was also discovered that 36% of marketers struggle to keep track of these submissions. 

In cases such as this, Optimiser CRM can benefit you greatly. Keeping all your content on one platform, Optimiser CRM allows you to track the submissions and run analytics on the data. The platform will provide you with comprehensive charts and graphs that break down massive amounts of complex data.


  • Phone call as a conversion tool is used by 50% of the marketers

Inbound calls are effective if you know your consumers. While many would say that calling the leads could further their disinterest, data seems to disagree. It can drive up the leads converting to a business. However, as it was with form submissions, about 62% of the marketers struggle to track the phone calls that they have made.



  • Using live chat for conversion 

About 33% of the marketers use live chat for conversion but 53% of them struggle to track them. Lead volume and lead tracking become highly disproportional and lead to confusion as well as information silos. This can cause you to lose some high-quality leads.


Optimiser's Lead Management Suite

With the power of one platform, you can integrate Optimiser CRM with third-party applications to collect lea data and gather insights about your conversion channels and points. Use the automation feature to keep the existing leads engaged and improve the productivity within the organisation as the automation will accomplish the tedious tasks that would take hours manually. Nurture your leads with customised marketing campaigns that will resonate with them deeply. Track the customer's interest and the segmentation of your audience on the platform. The Dashboard feature will allow you to display key metrics and run unlimited reports with the analytics feature. 



Consumers are always interested in different products/ services. The trick is to persuade them that your product/ service is perfect for the problem they are facing and get them to purchase your products. After which you can prepare your retention strategies to keep them happy and build nurturing as well as trusting relationships with them.




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