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7 tips to effectively manage your leads using Optimiser

Lead management software is a necessity for businesses because 53% of marketers spend about half of their budget on lead generation. Therefore, having a platform that seamlessly manages the lead without losing any opportunities is a must. 

If you are not convinced, the following are the benefits of lead management when it is done effectively: 


  • Gather keen insights with real-time data 
  • Filer your leads through the sales funnel based on their buying intent 
  • Improve the strategy for lead nurturing 
  • Boost the response time with help of automation
  • Increase coordination between and promote organisation-wide alignment'



7 tips to effectively manage your leads using Optimiser


Segmenting the audience 

To maintain seamless communication with the clients who are interested in your product, it is always a good idea to filter through your contact list every now and then. It saves time because you will not be focusing your energy on leads who do not have a higher buying intent. Using Optimiser, you can take a quick look into the status of the leads and what is the priority tag assigned to them. Furthermore, you can segment these customers according to their buyer's persona and assign tags to personalise communication with the customers. 

Investing in sorting your contact list categories your customers into groups that will allow you to target their unique buying intent. 


Automatic Updates with Workflow Automation 

Optimiser's Workflow Automation suite enables marketers to nurture and manage leads with ease. Funnel out the leads that may not go anywhere with the help of the intuitive lead scoring system. You can rely on data rather than following your instincts when it comes to your business. Optimiser CRM lead management used by organisations gets automated notifications when a lead takes a specific action. One can set up drip campaigns and if the leads take action such as pressing the CTA button, which will prompt an email to be sent containing the relevant information. 


Forms for Data Collection 

The Optimiser Touchpoint Forms feature is perhaps one of the best tools for data collection and keeping the leads engaged. 84% of marketers used forms to collect data. 

Businesses can collect information in one platform and keep track of the forms being filled. Organisations can even opt for Progressive Profiling wherein a form is broken into multiple sections to make sure that the customers do not get irritated by long forms. 

Prioritise leads and keep cold leads engaged with emails frequently. About 80% of the leads need to be nurtured when they arrive, therefore, it is necessary to keep the engagement consistent with communication and personalised with the data collection. 


Customised Email Templates 

Keeping the brand message consistent throughout every platform establishes the brand identity. The more memorable the brand elements are, the better it is to create a solid memory in the minds of the leads. 

The Optimiser platform has email templates that are pre-designed or you can build your own template from scratch with the easy drag-and-drop feature. Add in elements, GIFs, images, videos etc to make your mailers colourful and attractive. You can even track the success of your campaigns. Better yet, you can test before sending the mailers through A/B testing.


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The Right Content 

Now, you have lead management CRM software. But you will still need to tailor your content to the preference of your audience. Otherwise, their attention will flit.

To build trust with your leads, you can send them ebooks, whitepapers, resources such as blog links etc. You can even use a gated content strategy to gather data. Meaning, you can ask for personal information such as phone number, name, email etc in exchange for valuable content. 

Not only will it enhance the quality of leads, but your emails will also perform better as well. You will observe an increase in the open and click-through rates. For reducing the bounce rate, you should filter your list of subscribers. 


Task and Project Management 

Optimiser's task and project management suite can assist the sales and marketing teams to keep track of the tasks and manage them. You will be sent a notification when a task is accomplished or when the deadline draws close. With this feature, you will never miss out on any lead or prioritise one over the other. 



Oftentimes, businesses are not able to spot opportunities. However, AI-enabled automation dishes out intelligent reports definitely can. Spot your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. The Optimiser platform comes with a customisable dashboard and comprehensive graphs that are colourfully aesthetic and easy to understand. Promote data engagement in the organisation. 



When starting to use CRM software, the results do not begin to show immediately. It is one of the most commonly known myths. Sure, you will see an improvement in productivity or an increase in the number of leads flowing in, but you will still need a strategy to streamline the lead management and nurturing process.


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