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Must-have security features in a CRM Software

Neglecting security is one of the biggest and the costliest mistakes a business can ever make. CRM is an efficient tool for almost every business operation. Additionally, on any CRM cloud software, the data is stored within the cloud and is a target for hackers. It contains customer-sensitive information that can be attacked with malware or ransomware. 

The breach of CRM security will not only cost you money but the trust of the customers as well. While you may be able to recover the operational costs, you will not be able to repair your brand reputation after the fallout. You might risk losing your business after a data breach. 

Therefore, it is essential to select a CRM with the best security features to ensure maximum security of your customer's data.


Role-based access control

Allowing the access of data to users based on the roles they hold within the organisation ensures that fewer people have access to information and lesser is the risk of a data breach.


Malware protection 

Many CRM these days come with malware protection. Vendors run thorough checks on the platforms to keep an eye on the platform and keep it secure from malware, virus, trojans and phishing scams. 


Two-step authentication

To keep the data on the CRM platform safe, two-step authentication validates the access and only allows authorised users to access the data. Even if the passwords are compromised, data security features can ensure that not everyone can reset the password.


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Data protection 

Be sure to check that the CRM vendor you are selecting is compliant with the GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation policies if the business is in the European Union or EU. Under this policy, you will have to seek consent from the visitors before collecting their data.


Cloud-based CRM

The premise that cloud-based CRM is not secure is an outdated myth. If anything, it is extremely secure and companies are not hesitant to invest in it. As compared to 12% of companies using cloud-based CRM in 2008, by 2020 the percentage rose to a shocking 87%. 

The data on a cloud-based CRM can be accessed round the clock and from anywhere in the world using the internet. One does not need to be on-site to access the data to maintain pesky paperwork. Using the cloud has proved to be super useful for companies during the pandemic due to this reason as well. 


How is the cloud secure, one might ask?

CRM solutions are hosted on Virtual Private Cloud that is isolated and it is hosted remotely by the vendor. Given that it is remote from other data, it has more security features and management. Coming with encryption, the customer's information is stored in an encoded safe vault. It is free of maintenance because it is not hosted locally, it is easy to deploy and accessible. Most of the free CRM cloud based solutions back up the data on a regular basis.



Optimiser CRM security features 

Optimiser never compromises when it comes to keeping data secure.

  • Data loss and corruption prevention: Optimiser ensures that all the databases are stored separately and that there is no overlap. Mirrored in multiple database copies, it is frequently backed up.
  • Application-level security: Optimiser runs regular security tests which include in-depth tests to discover vulnerabilities, social engineering skills and high-level server penetration tests. 

Additionally, accounts and passwords are hashed at Optimiser. They cannot be decrypted and can not be accessed by Optimiser's teams either. Therefore, it is important to keep your account ID and password saved because your account cannot be retrieved. They only can be reset. All of the Optimiser comes with TLS encryption.

  • IT security: With a team monitoring the platform constantly for vulnerabilities with tests and exercises, Optimiser's office networks are segmented and monitored thoroughly. 
  • Employee education on security practices: Employees are prepared and trained at Optimiser to identify hackers, social engineering and phishing scams. Employees who access customer data go through extensive vetting before signing the employment contracts and the Privacy Safeguard Agreement.
  • Security certification: Optimiser is an ISO 27001 ISMS certified organisation, as well as Cyber Essential and Cyber Essential Plus certifications. These ensure that the development centres, offices and data centres at Optimiser follow all security protocols. And that the organisation follows all the procedures to keep the data protected and safe from cyber threats. 

Optimiser is also compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policies and provides Subject Access Request (SAR). Meaning if an individual requests a copy of the data a company has stored on them, Optimiser can provide these copies in writing or verbally. 



Businesses are data-driven in the modern world. Much of the decisions are made through the analysis of data. If this information is breached, it can cause a lot of damage. It can be avoided with an excellent cloud-based CRM with robust security features.



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