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Critical CRM Trends in 2022 that will redefine the world of CRM

The enhancement in CRM software has begun to gain steam in 2022. Utilising the customer behaviour to predict their step is earning precedence amongst business owners since the pandemic made the customer trends shift drastically. It is the key selling point of customer relationship management software apart from its ability to supervise customer relationships and nurture new leads. 

In this growing space, we can expect to see catapulting marketing demands for CRM solutions and more investment in developing Customer relationship management software. 


Existing trends in CRM Industry 


Artificial Intelligence 

The application of artificial intelligence will bring forth a number of advancements in the industry. The owners will be able to look into the important aspects of the customer relationship and make decisions for the organisation on that basis. Sales agents and marketers can learn more about the customer pain points, their buying patterns, interactions and much more. 

Optimiser CRM provides these features to the users under an affordable pricing scheme. An easy-to-use platform, Optimiser CRM offers comprehensive reports generated by AI, offering deep insights and allowing data-driven decisions to be made. 



AI tools enable effective automation that allows companies to manage their relationship with customers. Automation sends automatic responses and ensures that the customers are engaged during their journey through the pipeline as well as after they become paying customers. It discovers the customer patterns and their needs. It takes out the need to accomplish tedious and manual tasks and saves time. Its key feature is enhancing productivity.



Mobile and Social CRM 

Mobile CRM has been a part of the CRM industry. However, since the pandemic, the demand for mobile CRM has gone up. It allows mobility, flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, easy access to information at any time and working between online and offline environments seamlessly. 


Third-party integrations

Integrations are an important feature that allows a user to adopt fewer tools and get better results. All of your business solutions will be grouped on one platform and will work together to offer you wisdom about your customers. Marketing and sales automation, customer service tools, analytics features, email tools etc. are some of the most common integrations that exist in the industry. These integrations will support your operations and determine your ability to use data as leverage. 


Industry-specific CRM

Industry-specific CRM is a rising trend. Companies in different fields want software that is built to suit their unique needs. One solution fits all CRM are adaptable and intuitive but are lacking in certain areas. When an industry-specific CRM is built, every little aspect of the business will be highlighted. For example, Optimiser CRM recently introduced Oracle and Shopify integration for hoteliers and retailers respectively. 


Critical CRM Trends in 2022 that will redefine the world of CRM



If you are familiar with Saas or Software as a service, then gear up for XaaS. It falls under the category that deals with remote access and cloud computing. 


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Conversational UI with voice assistants 

Customer management software can expect to see Intelligent virtual agents that will allow us to move from chatbots to voice assistance. They will track information and interactions and communicate the required data with the users. One will be able to press a button, ask the assistant for help by speaking and gain information immediately. 

Additionally, users will observe that the CRM will come with NLP or Natural Language Processing. This ability allows the AI to understand and process how humans converse. Chatbots will be able to develop conversation capabilities and understand customer requirements within an appropriate response time. 


Internet of Things 

IoT will provide useful customer insights considering it is connected to millions of devices. It will deliver unique insights into customer behaviour that was not possible with automation, marketing and sales information. It will detect product performance issues as well as pinpoint factors that determine customer satisfaction. 


Intuitive CRM for improved usability 

Effective utilisation of applications is the biggest change in the CRM industry. Business owners are more concerned with ease of use rather than feature-laden tools. The platform that allows more customisation will be preferred. Business owners will opt for the intuitive abilities of the application and not be bothered by the rest.



Change is the only constant. The pandemic has been the most unpredictable thing for 

humans in the 20th century. With this will come the need to keep ahead and ensure that we do not face a similar situation again. While we cannot predict what might come, we will try to evolve our technologies so that we can cope with the unexpected.


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