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How to Update Your Website: Tips and Best Practices

With the constant changes in the digital world, you are bound to keep up with the trends if you wish to sell better and rank higher on search engines. Keeping the content desirable is one thing, but ensuring the website speed, multimedia quality and SEO strategy is also important. You do not want to appear irrelevant with an outdated design and old content.



Here's how you can update and maintain your website: 


Content and design review 

Reviewing the current content and design will update you about what needs to be improved. After a thorough evaluation, you will be staring back at what works well for your website, rather than creating mindless content that takes up more of your time and effort. Check if the images are loading well or not and if they are up to the quality mark and are not blurry. Nothing puts off a website visitor more than an image that does not load. 

The loading speed of the website should be taken into consideration as well, any old video file that is impacting the site's user experience should be evaluated or removed. 


Website data 

When you are done with surveying the front end information, check out the website analytics. You will be able to perceive your audience's behaviour better and how you can tailor your site to suit their unique needs collectively. Tracking tools and analytics can be integrated into your Touchpoint website so that you are able to see the site traffic. You can see which pages are visited the most and how much time a visitor is spending on your website. 

Once you have a bird's eye view of the customer behaviour, you can run an analysis into why they are acting the way they are. This will help you in making informed decisions to update your website. 


Competitors' website 

The competitors' website holds significant information that you can leverage. While you may use it as a tool to understand what you can do to make your website better, do not replicate it with little or no change. It can result in a costly lawsuit. 

However, if you are visiting to see what crucial information you are missing from your website, go for it. Update the new pages and implement them to boost your site on search engines. You can even compare the site traffic using a metric you choose. Website analytics tools like SimilarWeb and SEMRush can help you do so. 



Get to know the market better. Now that you have the customer data and competitors' information, research the current trends in the market to design your own examples for your website. Anything that sets you apart from the industry and gives you an edge. Apply your findings after extensive research, because as mentioned before, it can cost you more than you anticipate: a lawsuit.



Multimedia elements 

Multimedia elements can make or break the website. Even if you offer the best content on your website, it will not work because it does not look catchy. 

First impression matters and when it comes to web design, it has never been more important. If users on your website are not able to find the information they are looking for, they will still lounge around to see the web design and engage with the website. 

Integrate elements that can catch the eye of the visitor and include text, videos, sound, images, animations etc.

By using Optimiser Touchpoint, you will not need to build your site from scratch, you get assistance from experts who will guide you in how to update your website to look its best.  


Current design trends 

Keep up with the current trends of web designing because if you are lost, it can take some time to get back up if you are not consistently collecting information about the same. You do not have to be a professional website designer to do so. Keep your eyes open and sharp about any new trends. Check out what your competitors are doing and what their competitors are doing, if you can. Keep track of the changes made and identify what changes will align with the designs you have on your website. 


A/B testing

It is always a good idea to use A/B testing on your updated websites. You will create two versions of the site and run a test wherein both will collect information on user engagement and traffic. You can base your decision on the data collected and make the changes.


SEO optimisation

If you want the target audience to find your website on search engines, do not forget to optimise SEO. Touchpoint comes with built-in SEO and social media tools for efficiency. When you are revamping your website, you will need to evolve your SEO strategy as well. 



The world of web designing changes every day and with a flexible website builder like Optimiser Touchpoint you can edit your website to look its best at all times. Coming with a CRM integration, you can track customer information and collate important statistics to sell better.




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