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How can marketing campaigns benefit from CRM?

CRM integrated with a marketing platform allows the marketing team to collect customer data, uncover trends and patterns, collect deep insights and analyse the customer demographics for better results. It improves the marketers' ability to understand their target audience to incorporate customer-oriented strategies. 


Using CRM features to improve the success rate of marketing campaigns 

To ensure the success of the marketing campaigns and their effectiveness, CRM tools can assist organisations in any industry or size of the company. Most businesses will discover that these features can make a vast difference in how the marketing departments work.


Centralised data management system 

CRM software was primarily used for customer service and storing data. Over time, the CRM platform evolved to perform functions of different departments from one platform. With a central repository for data, teams of different departments can help them keep the information organised and analysed consistently. 


Customer segmentation 

Speaking of customer demographics, CRM such as Optimiser can enable businesses to segment and target customers. Businesses can segregate customers based on their age, geographical location, job roles, company sizes, industry etc. Others can be segmented on the basis of the activities such as personal preferences, social media activity, recent and past purchases, email response rates etc.



Marketers can use this data to create a buyer's profile that will be used to target new customers and speed up the sales cycle as well as reduce customer acquisition costs. 


Personalised content 

With the wealth of information provided by the CRM platform, marketers can create personalised content using customer demographics, psychographics and geographics. Adding to that are their preferences, purchases, and queries made. This is further used for personalising communication with the prospects. 

People like personal touches in their communication. Using generic terms like 'Dear customer' etc would have worked a few years back, but now people prefer tailored communication. Through the help of marketing automation, emails sent to customers will be automated with all their personal preferences.

Apart from emails, this data can be used to create content for blogs, whitepapers, research surveys etc. The content marketers will put out there will bring in more readers who find the content valuable. It will be the perfect addition to your inbound marketing strategy. Any personalisation to content will bring increased response rate, positive brand perception, increased levels of brand awareness and elevated ROI.

CRM's capability to customise and personalise customer data to boost sales and marketing processes makes it one of the most useful solutions for businesses in the market. 


Omni-channel connectivity 

Connection with all departments in an organisation allows marketing to share customer information. For example: when the marketing team qualifies a lead and passes it to the sales department, the data collected by marketing can be used by the sales team to close the deal cycle faster. The sales teams do not have to spend time learning about the personal preferences of the lead. 

Plus, it is also useful for avoiding data silos. Due to data silos, data is duplicated, loses its credibility after some time, and increases the probability of data breaches. When the data shared across the platform is the same, the brand message remains consistent throughout all channels of communication.


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Testing and tracking marketing campaigns 

CRM collects data on marketing campaigns, test campaigns and the effectiveness of the other elements in the campaigns like offers, graphics, discounts, heading etc. Marketers can track the result of every campaign and understand what the customers right and how it can be leveraged in the next campaign. 



Marketers do not have time to run in-depth analyses all the time. They need a CRM that will run data analysis which is further used to win customer loyalty and build a dedicated customer base. 

Dashboards on the CRM platform like Optimiser allows the marketing managers to take a quick look at the crunched-up figures without having to read up complicated reports or make long presentations to make business decisions.


Optimiser CRM: The right software for business 

Optimiser's Marketing suite is a comprehensive solution for businesses. Coming with third-party and customised integrations, the suite can be integrated with the sales suite to align the sales and marketing departments. Easy to use, businesses of any type or size or industry can use CRM software with less or no experience using CRM software. As one of the best Automation Software, Optimiser also improves the productivity and efficiency of the teams. 



The right CRM software can guide a business to reach its fullest potential by tailoring the features to the business's unique circumstances. CRM has evolved from its previous functions which were all about customer service. It, now, can assist the sales, marketing, and HR departments.


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