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Email Marketing

Effective measures to generate leads using email marketing

Email marketing is used to send commercial messages to your prospects and clients. It can be used to send ads, new developments in the company, request business or solicit sales/ donations. It ensures that the company is communicating with its customers and potential customers consistently. It allows the formation of a meaningful relationship that convinces a consumer to make a purchase. 

As per research, 48% of marketers believe that email marketing is the most effective solution to generate leads. Using a CRM and email marketing software such as Optimiser, learn how to apply industry practices for email marketing to generate high-quality leads with efficiency 

Keeping that in mind, here are some of the best measures to bring in new customers in the most cost-effective manner. 


Best techniques to yield more leads from email marketing

1. Catchy subject lines

Subject lines can make all the difference. Capturing the attention of the readers is the goal when crafting a subject line for your emails. If the subject line can create a sense of urgency amongst the readers to check, they will be persuaded into reading the email content. While writing a subject line, you can use plugin offers, discounts and their codes, or you can use witty catchphrases. 

Avoid using clickbait because it can ruin the business' credibility. 


2. Crisp email content 

Email content should be brief and to the point. No one has the time to read a long email. People want graphics, images, graphs, charts and texts that are condensed into points that are quite easy to read in a short amount of time. Readers will not ignore your email as a nuisance but consider it valuable.



Even using infographics for your emails is an effective solution, as it will have all the elements that attract the prospect and it doesn't require too much time that you would otherwise take if you are writing a long paragraph. 


3. Updated email list 

The key to having successful email campaigns and generating more leads lies in your emailing list. You will need to maintain it rigidly. Update it from time to time. 

You want to be sending these emails to people who are interested in your products and not to those who will add your email to the spam folder. 


4. Automated campaigns 

Automate your marketing campaigns with Optimiser's intelligent automation tool. You do not have to send emails to different segments manually. Create your campaign, target specific people, schedule the email and you are all set. 

Email automation software is a great investment. In the beginning, the price may be too steep, but the benefits that come along with it will push your business into the profitability phase. 


5. CTA buttons 

When readers are going through your email, keep the Call to action or CTA button easily viewable. If your content can win over the customers, they can take action towards what you want. It should be hard to ignore, and tempting too. 


6. Gated content 

Gated content is when you offer your customer valuable data in exchange for their details such as phone number, email address, name, gender etc. Any information about the customer can give you a glimpse into where their problems lie and how your business is equipped to solve them. 

This technique has been used by marketers effectively and increasing the number of subscribers as well as sales made. 


7. Social media 

Social media is a game changer for businesses. Use your social media channels to push your brand message further to a bigger audience and grow your business. Get them to sign up for emails to create more leads. Customers willingly provide information on social media and the valuable content on the page will help advertise your brand reputation. 


Supplementary practices to generate more leads through email marketing 


1. No-reply email address

You do not want to display to the customers that you are hard to contact. No reply emails, in general, are useful because they ensure the business is not flooded with replies. But they send a bad message to the customer. 

Lead generation means you should be easy to contact. The harder you are to reach out, the more pointless your marketing campaigns become.


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2. Link the landing page

Linking the landing page to the email is important because you want the audience to visit your blog/ website. The more they engage with your content, the likelihood of them purchasing from your increases. 


3. Split testing 

Using an A/B testing tool, conduct an experiment on your marketing campaigns to see which version of your email is the most successful and achieve new subscribers. 


4. Optimise emails for mobile 

Most people open emails on their mobile phones. It is important to optimise the content for mobile phones as well as desktops. 


Using Optimiser to generate leads through email marketing 

Optimiser's Marketing suite is a free CRM application* that comes with all the tools a marketer could need to promote the business on every platform. With its omnichannel connectivity, Optimiser integrates with all third-party applications seamlessly and ever offers customised integrations should you need them. 

Its intelligent automation cuts down tedious tasks and keeps the data organised and error-free. Marketers can use the dashboard and analytics to peek into their campaigns' performance as well as run A/B testing through the platform. 


* 30-day free trial



While it takes time to develop your subscriber list using email marketing, it is well worth it. You will be able to create a loyal customer base and unlock new achievements. With certain tweaks that are individualistic to your business, it is only a matter of time before your marketing campaigns will start taking off.


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