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Combine the Power of Marketing Automation With Lead Management

Sales and lead management software enable businesses to gather new customers, find the channels that bring them potential leads and close the sales cycle strategically. But with the growth in technology, there is a better way to manage leads and grow.

The trick is to bring Marketing Automation into the mix!

Marketing automation is used for automating marketing tasks, managing campaigns across all channels and segmenting leads with the help of data. Automating leads streamlines the touchpoint where the leads enter the sales funnel and keep them engaged throughout. As you close the sales cycle, you can gather the data to improve the user experience for newer leads. 


Combine the Power of Marketing Automation With Lead Management 

75% of marketers use automation in some form and 77% of them have observed an increase in conversions. To automate lead response, marketing automation is the best way to go about it!


1. Grow Your Email List Subscribers 

Send automated emails to the leads to drive up traffic. Not only does it improve the engagement rate, but you will also be able to establish a level of trust with these leads. You can share valuable content like brochures, case studies, whitepapers, ebooks, blog links, free reports etc. You can keep this content gated for your website visitors. Meaning, you can ask them for their email Id and name in exchange for this content. 

Use creative templates, send emails to different segments in bulk and track their success.


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2. Promises Matter

When you make promises to the guests at the interactive stage, you should deliver on them. Without being pushy, you can share content pieces in the emails to begin further conversations. Deliver the right content that you promised rather than drawing out the interaction. 

You can even set up drip campaigns so that no new prospects miss out on content. Using marketing automation, keep track of the leads interested in your products/ services. 


3. Lead Nurturing 

Your goal while acquiring new leads is not to gather all kinds of leads. You need an ideal customer profile. Your leads will be an impression of the profile. 

With the help of marketing automation, you can find leads with higher buying intent and are ready to make a purchase. It does not mean that they do not need to be nurtured. They have to be convinced of why they should purchase from you. They simply have more motivation than false leads. 


4. Warm Leads For Sales 

When you go through customer segmentation and lead scoring with the marketing automation suite, you will need to transfer them to the sales department. The automation will provide gathered data to give them leverage during customer interactions. It will set up a successful deal closure at a faster pace as well as easy follow-ups.   


5. Cold Leads Re-engagement 

There are contacts that you have not engaged with in a long time. These are known as cold leads. Do not overlook them because they are inactive. Mailing lists take time to build up. 

If they are present in the mailing list, you can send an automated email such as abandoned cart messages, latest promotions, relevant suggestions etc.


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By combining lead management and marketing automation, you can grow your revenue by keeping the data stored in a centralised data management system. Focus on the leads that are eager to make a purchase and measure the outcomes of your marketing as well as lead acquisition efforts. By making sure that your platform is scalable, you can generate transparency and accountability within the organisation. Open access to data in all departments fosters a collaborative environment. 


Choosing Optimiser's Marketing Automation To Grow Lead Conversions 

With the powerful CRM Lead Management suite by Optimiser combined with marketing automation, businesses can choose a strategy to grow their conversion rate. The experience that you deliver will also be the determining factor for improving your customer retention rate. Optimise the customer cycle to turn your quality leads into an all-star account. You will not have to waste time and resources on false leads. Increase the ROI and brand relationships by focusing on the leads with higher buying intent. The Optimiser Suite comes with email marketing templates, A/B testing, workflow automation, and lead management that includes predictive lead scoring and customer journey tracking. A marketing suite gathers important data for customer segmentation and robust analytics with a customisable dashboard. 



Lead nurturing is not just about acquiring leads and closing sales but it is also about offering a personalized and interactive user experience. If the experience resonates with the customers, they are likely to purchase from you again. reducing retention costs. Loyal brand ambassadors can go a long in promoting your brand and growing your business online.



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