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Using CRM to deal with new sales deals and transform the sales process

Customer Relationship Management or CRM software for sales team is the best way to manage core customers and monitor the interaction processes. Workload and employee performance can be kept track of and keep the software flexible as an in-depth CRM solution to keep track of customer information and enhance the workflow experience. 


5-steps in CRM Process


With a basic understanding of the CRM pipeline, you can break up your CRM process to achieve success:


1. Generating awareness about the brand 

2. Acquire and qualify new leads

3. Convert the said leads to customers

4. Providing excellent customer service and retaining existing customers 

5. Drive the upselling and cross-selling strategies


How does CRM software work? 


CRM for b2b sales manages all customer relationships and interactions with all clients and potential customers. You can create strategies, tools and techniques that can be employed by the organisation to develop, acquire and retain customers effectively. 

CRM can be used by smaller businesses or bigger enterprises from any industry. It allows you to get to customer pain points and allows the sales team to interact with the leads and clients.


Sales CRM


CRM can assist in the following: 

  • Customer service: Using CRM software, you can record customer conversations to improve the user experience as well as create data-driven campaigns. 
  • Hospitality/ Hotels: Optimiser CRM can be used for charities, hotels, and clubs. You can tailor the experience of the guests by automating communication and driving the memberships with valuable content and incentives. 
  • HR: Create automated workflows for hiring, onboarding process and applications. 


Must-haves in CRM

Easy to use 

CRM software should be easy to use. Implementing a new system is hard enough as it is. If the software is hard to use, your employees will be reticent to learn. That will directly affect their productivity and hit your organisation. It will be counter-productive. 

CRM should be easy to use and learn as well. When it is intuitive and comes with low code or no code, employees will be looking forward to learning how to use the platform. 



Any worthwhile CRM will deliver integrated analytics. Store meaningful reports that are created using the data gathered. This is one of the best features of the software. Quickly generate reports and customise the dashboards. Documents can be easily shared with stakeholders and vendors for a cohesive environment and to break down data silos. 


Cloud computing 

CRM features that made it an invaluable tool during the pandemic is cloud computing. Cloud data storage ensures the data is backed up so that users can find the files easily and quickly. Prevent losses and security breaches with the two-step authentication factor and organisational hierarchal access. 


Optimiser CRM to customise and manage customer relationships 


Fully scalable 

Optimiser's fully scalable workflow automation allows you to automate tedious tasks and save time. Grow your teams and clientele with automated follow-ups. Every time a new user registers, you will receive a notification of the same. You can set up a workflow that will send automated responses to these users and begin the nurturing process from the point of enquiry.


Sales CRM

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Optimiser CRM sales lead management platform is flexible and customisable. Giving business owners the ultimate freedom to tailor the platform to their unique needs, individuals can even get customised third-party integrations as well as Outlook, Gsuite, Oracle and Opera integrations. 



Given that the data is stored on one platform, team members do not have to share files or go through extensive data records to find a minuscule piece of information. From the search bar, they can easily access the data they are looking for or request files to receive them on the platform. The cloud feature ensures that no matter where your sales reps are, they can easily access leads' information at any time. 


One platform with all the answers

Apart from tracking the journey of the leads, Optimiser CRM is much more than just a CRM. It allows the marketing teams to design engaging campaigns to target their audience and generate new leads. Using email templates, they can incorporate brand elements and nurture existing leads. Teams who are looking to streamline their project progress will find the project management suite very effective and flexible. Event managers can plan, organise and follow the progress of multiple events from one platform. 

If your organisation offers memberships, Optimiser can enable you to keep track of these subscribers and ensure that the retention rate is at its best at all times. 



With CRM software by your side, track every lead that is coming into the sales funnel. Furthermore, sales managers can assign a sales rep who is armed with information about the lead's pain points and preferences. They can avoid uncomfortable mistakes and make interactions with them more effective.




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