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Breaking Down Organisational Silos with CRM Platform

CRM software is often used for contact management whereas project management software is used to manage projects, to put it simply. But if you were to combine the two, you have yourself a powerful and centralised data management system that can break down organisational silos by making data accessible, providing statistics-based reports and improving the communication between teams, key decision makers, stakeholders, vendors, and clients.


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How Can Integration Between Project Management and CRM Break Data Silos?


Project management systems keep track of project information and CRM can remove communication issue, to put it in a nutshell. Data silos happen when employees cannot access important information due to data duplication, data deletion, or errors, and sometimes, organisations seal access to certain data due to fear of a security breach. 


When you are looking for CRM cum project management software, here are the following things to look for to ensure that it does not create data silos: 


1. Managing Project Visually 


It is extremely easy to analyse the team's progress when it is available visually. It can be hard to engage with data, especially if it is complex. But if it is broken down and offered in a comprehensive manner, all can benefit from it. Managers can use the data to keep the team informed about their performance, business owners can use the data to make key business decisions and this data will provide much-needed transparency to stakeholders, vendors and clients. 

You will be able to enhance communication with clients, prospects and employees. 


2. Creating A Sales Pipeline 


Track the flow of leads and customers throughout the sales funnel.  You can offer customers a unique customer experience that set you apart from all the competitors. Your teams can analyse the data collected and understand how the pipeline is affected and the teams affect the pipeline. Your integrated CRM and project management software should simply contact management, account management, lead management, lead handover and customer service.


3. Improve communication 


Communication with teams is the easiest way to remove data silos that exist in the organisation and ensure that data silos do not rebuild themselves. Software with cloud storage services can make sure that the data can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at any time. 

CRM software like Optimiser offers data access based on organisational hierarchy. Meaning, you can grant access to data to employees that they need to get their work done and keep the rest secure. As they grow through the ranks, they can be granted further access to sensitive data based on their role in the organisation. 


4. Analytics 


To measure the effectiveness of the projects and keep the teams motivated, your project management and CRM platform will deliver performance reports that offer you a holistic view of the customer data as well as the business performance.


Project Management Software

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Optimiser's Project Management Suite 


Power of one platform: You can manage multiple projects from the Optimiser platform successfully using powerful project management tools. With a streamlined workflow, project managers can allocate tasks to teams and designate resources accordingly. 

Monitor the output generated to access performance reports that map the project's progress and allow you to keep up with your business goals. The platform is scalable, flexible and offers cloud storage. 


Unify teams: Your teams' activities are arranged in one place to form a streamlined workflow. Other team members can watch the tasks that have been accomplished and the ones in progress to ensure that they do not end up doing the same task twice, saving time and resources in the process. The pipeline can manage the teams' output and persuades them to collaborate. 

A group calendar ensures that you schedule meetings that do not clash with others and allows easy coordination. You will receive a notification as the deadline approaches or as a task is completed. With a higher project turnover, you can increase the profitability of your business. 


Manage Multiple Projects: Task and project management tools packs all the models that are needed under a single subscription. You can control multiple projects and sort conflicting priorities with ease using Optimiser's Project Management Suite. 


Insightful Decisions: Driving performance with data, you can entrust Optimiser Analytics to present you with real-time insights. To understand the full scope of the business, the platform dishes out unlimited reports detailing the performance and quality of every project, ensuring that you make data-driven decisions. Integrated with smart CRM features, this software compiles easy-to-read reports with customisable graphs and a detailed dashboard that display key metrics you want to track. 



By integrating your project management software with CRM, you will be able to navigate through complex projects, keep your teams up with important tasks and eliminate data silos by making the data accessible to whoever requires it. This holistic system offers you the best of both worlds and enables you to create a healthy working environment for all.



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