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Lead Management

Boosting sales with the effective lead management system by Optimiser CRM

If you are a business owner, then lead management is not a new concept for you! 

While retaining customers is extremely important, a business needs new customers to expand its territory and survive the cutthroat competition in its industry. Innovations in every field have led to customers having certain expectations from businesses when they are approached about a product/ service. 


A lead management solution can enable individuals to tailor a highly personalised user experience to gain new business opportunities. The leads are qualified, analysed and nurtured based on how interested the prospects are in the products/ services. 

In the systematic process of lead management, you will have tons of leads coming to you, most of which are likely not that interested and others need to be nurtured before they make a sale.


Let us discuss the 5 most common ways to generate leads 


  • Asking for referrals: It is very common for businesses to ask for referrals from happy customers. It improves the company's credibility and referrals are the best lead generation strategy in the market. 


  • Regular customer care calls: Keep track of how your customers feel. A happy customer will continue a relationship with the company and will make a purchase again. 


  • A trusted source of information: Leads are likely to trust you more if you offer them valuable advice as a product expert in your field. 


  • Social media: With sales leads tracking software, you would also need the support of social media to gather more attention around your products and/ or services. 

Creativity: Creativity pays, this is undeniable. Leads will be attracted to you if you put the effort into your emails, social media posts, and online networking. Interacting with customers in newer ways can create a unique identity for your brand and leave a good impression on potential customers.


Lead Management Software


Boosting sales with the effective lead management system by Optimiser CRM 


Lead tracking software


To increase conversion, Optimiser's lead management suite comes with fully integrated lead-tracking software that transforms strong leads into devoted customers. You can retire the old lead ranking system that was based on guesswork and intuition. You have actual data that you can use to make your decisions and drive your business's growth. 

This holistic b2b lead management software comes with all the tools you would need to manage multiple prospects and keep in contact with them. Using automation, you can send bulk emails to different segments, efficiently tackle tedious tasks and allocate your available resources consciously. 


One platform with all solutions 


Optimiser serves as a centralised data management system, allowing you to create, organise and manage your customers efficiently. A powerful pipeline can manage a high volume of leads and identify customer churn as well as patch leaks. 

Not only that, you can keep track of the team's performance from the platform. The lead nurturing can be done with customised marketing campaigns that are built with pre-designed templates or make yours from scratch. Either way, you can add the brand elements and keep the brand message consistent.


Lead Management System

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Lead management 

Optimiser's lead management suite targets every lead's unique buying intent. This allows you to shorten the sales cycle efficiently. Email design templates with automated nurturing for customers with a higher intent for making a purchase improve the brand's reputation in the market. 

The lead ranking system is run by AI analytics to zone out leads that are highly interested in your product. You can discover the roots of your main funnels with an integrated pipeline and website analytics. 


Powerful analytics 

Driven by data, businesses can make sound decisions. Get visual feedback on the user experience from acquisition to closure to understand how you can fine-tune it to create a more pleasant experience for new customers. Track key metrics from the platform and understand how every lead present in your pipeline engages with your business. The dashboard on the platform is fully customisable and allows you to display the metrics you have on high priority. 

Under this single, centralised source of truth, you can unify your sales and marketing teams by breaking down information silos. 

Custom reports in the platform come with comprehensive and colourful charts and graphs. It increases engagement with data as it breaks down complex information into simpler and aesthetic presentations. 


Cloud computing 

The platform stores all the data on the cloud with automatic backup on time.  Your data can be restored in case it ever gets lost and it can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at any time. Optimiser also comes with a two-step authentication factor and data access based on organisational hierarchy to keep customer data secure from online threats. 



80% of the leads need nurturing before they make a purchase from a business. A lead management software like Optimiser can help you to determine the preferences of every lead and approach them with a unique, tailored user experience to shorten the sales cycle and gain new customers efficiently.



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