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Integration with Optimiser CRM

Integrate your Touchpoint Platform with Optimiser CRM to unlock full potential of your business and boost marketing and sales efforts to offer seamless experience to clients.

Provide better customer experience by integrating Touchpoint with Optimiser platform
  • Connect with Optimiser platform to collect customer data, manage contacts, accounts and pipeline at one place
  • Develop engaging and trusted relationships with customers whenever they come across your business or sales funnel
  • Manage multiple leads simultaneously and use customer history to develop personalised experience for customers
  • Track customer satisfaction, and take necessary actions to nurture customers. This will make them returning customers supporting your growth in the long run
  • Get rid of manual copy pasting or data entry by integrating your Touchpoint website with Optimiser platform and increase productivity
Track and measure performance of all your activities
  • Track your marketing and sales efforts by measuring the performance of campaigns and make effective future campaigns to get better outcomes
  • Get the holistic view of entire business with Dashboard through easy-to-understand graphs and charts, and make effective business decisions for increased performance
  • Create and share reports and use analytics to support sales team with error-free project updates
  • Manage performance of every business vertical to make accurate future predictions of sales, compare them with the existing sales to boost conversion
One powerful platform
Simple to use

30 days free trial. No credit card required

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