Optimiser Touchpoint | Edit page URL, SEO, and Social Media Settings
Digital Marketing

Promote your website and build an audience with a simple use website builder. Use SEO tools to rise on search engines and Social Media tools to establish your brand like a pro.

Ensure high ranking on search engines with Optimiser Touchpoint’s built-in SEO
  • Edit your page name and URL path along with your website’s navigation bar
  • Update SEO page titles and descriptions based on your page’s content to increase the quantity and quality of traffic on the website through search results
  • Generate sitemap, and put Google verification code directly on the platform to verify search data on Google Search Console
  • Use the URL redirection feature to redirect visitors from broken URLs to correct ones. It will keep the position of the page intact on search engines
Make use of social media marketing integration to collect data to track conversions
  • Connect Google Analytics Tracking ID directly with your website through Optimiser Touchpoint and track all the traffic and leads coming from Google
  • Easily put Google Tag Manager code to quickly update measurement and related codes fragments collectively & reduce the possibility of human errors
  • Connect your website with Meta Pixel (earlier Facebook) to track conversions from Meta ads, optimise ads, build targeted audiences for the future and remarket
One powerful platform
Simple to use

30 days free trial. No credit card required

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