Asset Manager

One platform to manage all your assets digitally and facilitate a business-wide inventory of images, videos, and GIFs. Manage everything with a cloud-based platform.

Manage digital assets such as images, videos and GIFs with ease
  • Advanced and flexible asset manager to manage your images, videos and GIFs so that they do not get lost
  • Monitor your assets in real time and organise your digital content in one system
  • Repurpose your assets to save time and valuable resources
  • Ensure brand consistency with similar digital assets
  • Customise fields to meet your business needs
Backup data important data and images
  • Import your important data such as images, videos, GIFs with ease
  • Export or import data from individual sections and achieve assessable and quantifiable business value
  • Fast track your asset management with a contemporary approach
  • Gain visibility into all your digital assets in one place with Optimiser’s Touchpoint asset management
  • Save unlimited number of images, videos and GIFs at single place
One powerful platform
Simple to use

30 days free trial. No credit card required

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