Account Management

Bring more to the table with account management and allow visitors to access particular pages, restrict access, and import logs for increased security. Assign roles such as admin, author, and guests.

Invite others to contribute to your website design or restrict users to secure your website from possible threats
  • Invite whomever you want inside or outside the company to help you create a website
  • Assign roles, limit access to whomever you want to be editor, admin, developer or guest
  • Access restrictions to limit the visibility of your site, hide pages from everyone
  • Manage security settings such as Google Captcha Site Key or Google Captcha Secret Key
  • Manage member setting, email setting, font setting and cache setting directly from the Touchpoint platform
  • Check and import logs to who accesses which page on your Touchpoint platform. This will keep your data protected from unwanted thefts
One powerful platform
Simple to use

30 days free trial. No credit card required

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