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G-Suite Integration

Seamless automated information transfer between G Suite and your CRM

  • Save time on switching between tabs
  • Improve data accuracy with simple integrations
  • Update key tasks, pipelines and contacts from within the GSuite
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G-Suite Integration

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  • Optimiser provides the best CRM integration with Gmail
  • Increase productivity and efficiency by integrating key information directly from Optimiser to your Gmail account
  • Update your Optimiser account seamlessly and accurately direct from your Gmail interface, without the need to shuffle between tabs
  • Harness the power of Optimiser’s CRM from within your email platform to streamline your team’s workflow and accelerate productivity
G-Suite Integration
G-Suite Integration

Growing membership

  • Use G Suite Gmail integrations to simplify contacts and accounts management in Optimiser
  • The easy update function saves time and eliminates error margins, for accurate and productive address book maintenance
  • Record communication with your contacts and tag your contacts per your business needs

Gmail integration for better customer intelligence

  • G Suite CRM integrations keep a thorough record of your contact data: communication history, purchase preferences, and consumer trends
  • Enable your sales team to access communication history and consumer analytics generated within your CRM tools
  • With better insight of your consumer, you can create engaging and personalised nurturing strategies from your Gmail account with a great CTR and conversions

Growing membership

  • Use G Suite Gmail integrations to turn emails into tasks on your Optimiser platform
  • Never miss a deadline, and turn every opportunity into a chance to build your reputation and score those big wins
  • With a few clicks you can create, allocate and prioritise tasks for efficient project management
G-Suite Integration

Automate Pipeline management with G Suite email integration

  • The best CRM for Gmail integration: create and manage pipelines by syncing leads from your inbox directly with Optimiser
  • Link Gmail contacts to your accounts from within the G Suite for easy sales funnel management
  • Automatically capture key information from your contacts and emails
  • Access pipeline data in Optimiser alongside your emails so you always have the context you need to build strong and trusting customer relationships

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